Zincum Metallicum: weakness, restless legs

In homeopathy, Zincum Metallicum is prescribed for debilitated, and intellectually and physically exhausted patients. Despite the exhaustion, these individuals are in a state of nervous hyperexcitability.

They need to continuously move their legs; they have cramping, tremors and pain. The symptoms worsen with the least emotional stress.

Intellectually, Zincum Metallicum individuals have impaired memory and are slow to understand and comprehend ideas.

The patient is prone to headaches that worsen with drinking wine.

When is Zincum Metallicum prescribed?

  • For any cause of nervous exhaustion; either by physical or intellectual overload, emotional stress, because of sleeping a few hours without getting rest or for being in a state of insomnia.
  • In case of an intolerance to wine, alcohol or stimulant medications.

Characteristics of a Zincum Metallicum personality

The subject feels general weakness and tiredness. Tremors and continuous movement of the legs and feet, which is known as “Restless Leg Syndrome”, are characteristic of the Zincum Metallicum condition.

Appetite is variable in these individuals; they tend to alternate between anorexia and bulimia. When in feverish states, they automatically move their head.

Wine and stimulants worsen symptoms such as headache, nausea and tremors. Zincum Metallicum individuals have worse symptoms in a noisy environment, with others’ conversations and because of being touched.

Symptoms improve with a physiologic flow, for example in women, during their period.

Clinical indications

Learning difficulties in nervous and agitated children.

Intellectual overload with memory disorders and continuous shaking of the legs.

Insomnia in anxious subjects with Restless Legs Syndrome.

Intolerance to wine or alcohol accompanied by Restless Legs Syndrome.

Cramps and agitation in the legs.

Painful premenstrual syndrome, and usually there exists ovarialgia on the left, both of which improve with the appearance of menstruation. There is also pain related to a venous-lymphatic insufficiency.

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