The winter first-aid kit: the 12 most important remedies

It’s a good idea to keep a homeopathic first-aid kit in the family home. This can help us to treat illnesses from the very first symptoms whilst we are waiting for an appointment with our homeopathic doctor.

It is advised that after each homeopathic treatment, the family member’s name and pathology should be written on each tube of medicine that has been specifically prescribed to them.

Chronic or repeated illnesses often appear in the same way. The medicine that has been effective in treating one person’s cough may be completely ineffective in treating another person’s cough. The prescribed medicine will vary depending on the person who is affected by the illness.

The 12 most important remedies for your winter first-aid kit

Aconitum 9C

Aconitum is a remedy that is used for accute infections, high fever or sudden cold. It is useful in the treatment of panic attacks or shock, in which case the dilution is 15C

Anas barbarie 200k

A weekly dose should be taken from September to April to reinforce the immune system.

Arnica montana 5C

Arnica montana is used for bruises or muscular injuries. It is an effective remedy for sportspeople of all ages.

Belladonna 9C

Belladonna is a homeopathic remedy that is suitable for fever with perspiration, first-degree burns, inflammation of the skin or mucous membranes coupled with a sharp pain.

Borax 9C

Borax is used for the treatment of mouth sores and ulcers.

Bryonia alba 5C

Bryonia is effective in treating the flu, coughs, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Symptoms are improved with plenty of rest.


Drosera is a homeopathic remedy that can treat dry, nervous, deep and barking coughs that are worse at night.

Ferrum phosphoricum 9C

Ferrum phosphoricum is useful for treating the early stages of flu and ear infections.

Gelsemium sempervirens 30C

Gelsemium sempervirens is effective in overcoming fears and anxiety. It works very well in conjunction with Aconitum 15C to treat shock and anxiety.

Kalium bichromicum 9C

Kalium bichronicum is used to treat afflictions in the upper respiratory tract, larynx, stomach and sinuses. It is given when the phlegm is dense and thick.

Nux Vomica 9C

Nux vomica is the homeopathic remedy that can be used for digestive ailments, spasms, indigestion or hangovers.

Poumon histamine 15C

Poumon histamine is for allergies that affect the respiratory tract: especially asthma and hay fever.

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