Fever-root – Triosteum is a very valuable remedy in diarrhoea attended with colicky pains and nausea, numbness of lower limbs after stool, and increased flow of urine; also in influenza. Quiets nervous symptoms (Coffea, Hyos). Biliousness. Bilious colic.

Head.–Occipital pain, with nausea on rising, followed by vomiting. Influenza, with aching pains all over, and heat in the limbs. Ozaena; frontal pain.

Stomach.–Loathing of food; nausea on rising, followed by vomiting and cramps. Stools watery, frothy.

Extremities.–Stiffness of all joints; calves numb; aching in bones. Rheumatic pain in back. Pains in limbs.

Skin.–Itching welts. Urticaria from gastric derangement.

Dose.–Sixth potency.

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