Treating measles with homeopathy


Measles is an infectious viral disease. Measles is characterised by an onset of fever, a cough, conjunctivitis and infections of the upper respiratory tract. Homeopathy can complement traditional treatments

Marks appear in the mouth followed by a rash that spreads from the face to the legs.

The rash continues to spread towards the feet and disappears in the same way as it appeared.

There is an incubation period of 4 – 12 days in which there are no symptoms.

After this period, the fever, the respiratory illnesses and the Koplik stains appear in the oral mucosa.

After 3-4 days following these initial symptoms, the rash appears and remains for another 3 days or so.

The measles virus is an airborne disease.

Homeopathic remedies

You should always consult your GP. Firstly, you need to confirm the diagnosis and then treat any possible complications.

Whilst we are waiting for our diagnosis, we can prescribe Euphrasia 5C and Belladona 9C – 5 granules to be taken alternatively every hour.

For the treatment we would prescribe Belladona 9C, Morbilliunum 9C and Sulfur 9C – we recommend that you take 5 granules of each, to be taken alternatively 3 times a day.

You can also use Euphralia in the form of an eyewash 3 times a day.

It is important that you darken your room as the eyes become very sensitive to light.

Towards the end of the illness, you should take Pulsatilla 9C and Sulfur iodatum 9C.

5 granules of each would be prescribed, to be taken twice a day for two weeks.

This will allow us to prevent changes in our terrain.

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