Travelling with homeopathy: a sickness-free trip

Many people suffer from travel sickness. This can happen when travelling by car, boat, plane or train. Homeopathy can help you to have a much more pleasant journey.

Travel sickness or motion sickness originates in the labyrinth. This is a section of the inner ear that senses motion and balance and provides the brain with information regarding the position and orientation of the person within a space.

When the mode of transport in which we are travelling is mobile, people suffering from motion sickness will be affected by a stimulation of the semi-circular canals of the inner ear.

This occurs when there are sudden changes in speed and direction, such as those produced by busses, cars, trains…or if the inner ear is stimulated by the sudden vertical or side-to-side rocking movements made by planes, boats…

As soon as the vehicle moves, either the three main points of balance in the body (sight, muscles and labyrinth) or one of them is perturbed, sending mixed signals to the brain. This leads the brain to assume that the person is in motion when he is in fact sitting or lying down.

As a result of these mixed signals, three types of disorders become apparent:

  • Behavioural disorders: general feeling of being unwell with pallor and cold sweats
  • Digestive disorders: nausea followed by vomiting that is sometimes accompanied by unconsciousness and a rapid pulse.
  • Sensory disorders: vertigo, sometimes with motor incoordination. Headaches with varying degrees of intensity can sometimes appear.

It is possible to reduce susceptibility to these disorders in the long term by treating the patient with the appropriate base medication for each individual case.

These disorders diminish or disappear when the vehicle stops moving.

The best homeopathic medicines for sickness-free travel

Cocculus indicus

This medication is used for nausea and vomiting with extreme vertigo. Specific parts of the body can feel paralysed: the neck fails to support the head, the knees become unstable…

These symptoms become worse with visual stimulation (landscapes, waves…), with strong odours (tobacco) or lack of sleep. Symptoms are relieved by heat.


A medicine that can be adapted to almost all symptoms relating to travel-sickness:

  • Pallor followed by excessive production of saliva
  • Cold sweats
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Palpitations with vertigo and fainting sensations

Some people are affected by diarrhoea with a cold feeling in the abdomen.

The traveller who is suffering from this type of sickness feels better with fresh air or by closing their eyes.


This relates to upward, downward and forward inclination movements. This medication is very useful for sea and air-travel sickness.

The traveller becomes pale, dizzy and has nausea that is aggravated by sudden movement.

These are often people who are hypersensitive to abrupt and high-pitched noise.

We suggest that the patient should begin the treatment a few days before travelling. The recommended dose is of five granules in the morning and five granules in the afternoon in a dilution of 7 or 9C.

Five granules should be taken an hour before departure, at the time of departure and as needed, depending on the symptoms. One dose of the homeopathic medicine in a dilution of 30C may achieve good results.

As well as these three great medicines, there are several helpful alternative homeopathic medicines to choose from: Ipeca, bryonia alba, petroleum, nux vomica, ignatia amara etc.

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