Tinnitus: Four effective remedies to treat humming

Homeopathy has very effective remedies to improve ringing in the ears. Humming or ringing in the ears is also known as tinnitus.

Tinnitus is an annoying noise you hear in one ear or both.

It may occur spontaneously or be permanent in the patient.

The origin of tinnitus is not known. There are some factors that can trigger tinnitus such as:

  • some medications such as aspirin and antibiotics, among others.
  • others like having a plug of earwax, ear infection.
  • also this humming appears in a patient suffering from Meniere’s disease.

There are factors that worsen tinnitus. They can be for example:

  • nerves and stress often aggravate the intensity of the noise or whistle. In this case, some type of relaxation technique should be practiced to relativize and externalise.
  • places where the decibels are high, like a disco, diving, flying, etc.
  • alcohol, caffeine and smoking.

Effective homeopathic remedies for Tinnitus 

  • China rubra, is given in homeopathy to treat tinnitus that is normally associated with dizziness. It is prescribed in average dilution of 7 or 9C, five pellets in the morning and 5 at night for a month.
  • Chininum sulphuricum, is very effective in treating tinnitus of circulatory origin. It is prescribed in dilutions of 5C, 9C or 15C. If in addition to tinnitus there is also dizziness and a decline in hearing Chininum sulphuricum 9C is prescribed, together with Baryta carbonica 9C, five granules four times daily.
  • Natrum salicylicum 9C is often combined with Chininum sulphuricum 9C when the tinnitus is permanent or habitual. It is recommended for each remedy, five granules four times per day.
  • if homeopathic treatment is accompanied by appropriate background medicine, homeopathy gives good results. But in some cases, homeopathy is a complementary therapy to conventional treatment.

If you suffer from tinnitus, do a complete check, check your blood pressure and get an examination of the ears or ENT sphere.

Foto: Quinn Dombrowski, Creative Commons

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