How to treat teenage acne with homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment for teenage acne. Acne is a skin condition caused by a malfunction of the pilosebaceous follicles of the face and upper chest.

There are different types: teenage, rosacea conglobata, necrotic, keloidal, toxic and infant acne.

Homeopathy responds very well to teenage acne, rosacea and infant acne. The remaining cases require antibiotic therapy and even surgery. In these cases, homeopathy is given as adjuvant treatment.

What is teenage acne?

Teenage acne, or polymorphic acne, is primarily the result of two factors:

  • Excessive consumption of dihydrotestosterone by the pilosebaceous follicle. This results in hyperseborrhoea, or an excessively greasy secretion on the skin.
  • The formation of blackheads is a result of epithelial and sebaceous clusters that clog and atrophy the follicles.

The blackheads, or microcysts, can be superinfected by bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus or Cyanoebacteryum acnei.

The result of this bacterial infection is the formation of papular lesions, and also tuberous and papulopustular lesions.

In women who are in a period of sexual activity, there may be a hormonal imbalance that causes the appearance of acne, especially in the pre-menstrual period.

50 to 80% of adolescents suffer from polymorphous juvenile acne. Although most of the time it is a problem of puberty, sometimes it lasts longer.

Juvenile acne appears as pimples or blackheads and pustules. Infectious, circulatory, hormonal and psychological factors are influential.

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy treats acne with symptomatic medication and background medicine. The background medicine treats the emotional part, since acne is still an obstacle in the social life of the patient.

With homeopathy very good results can be obtained, although it takes longer for them to be seen, and they are not as spectacular as treatment with antibiotics and others, but they do last a long time and are non-toxic.

Symptomatic medications

Sulphur iodatum 9C

Is used to treat classic teenage acne that extends over the shoulders and the presence of lymph nodes are also observed.

The patient is thin, impatient, irritable, moody and does not tolerate heat well. They have a history of respiratory illnesses such as rhinopharyngitis, and recurring angina.

Kalium bromatum 9C

It is recommended when there are large infected cysts, especially along the jawbone. Most of the time, these individuals are anxious adolescents, easily depressed and suffering from insomnia.

The anxiety is manifested by a continuous trembling in the hands and fingers, as if playing the piano.

Selenium metallicum

Recommended especially in adolescents fatigued by overwork. These teenagers have hyperseborrhoea and hair loss. The hair is oily and they have lots of small pimples on the forehead.

Other symptomatic medications are those that treat:

Acne triggered by digestive problems: Antimonium crudum, Nux vomica, Lycopodium.

Acne triggered by hormonal changes: Folliculinum, Luteinum and Androsterone.

Medication for superinfection

Hepar sulfuris calcareum 15C

It is a medication recommended for acne with large, purulent, painful cysts.

Arnica montana 9C or 15C

It is recommended for indurated and painful, bluish pimples, with a symmetrical arrangement of the lesions on the face.

Eugenia jambosa

It is recommended to take this medication sparingly and in small grains. The pimples have a white point of discharge in the centre and sore edges.

Base medications

Natrum muriaticum 9C or 15C

Acne is located on the face and back. Facial skin is hyperseborrhoeaic, shiny, and dirty looking. The edge of the scalp is marked by the presence of acne, the hair is oily, and the lips are chapped with a small crack in the middle of the lower lip. The individual may have sweaty palms and feet, and have hangnails around the edge of the nails.

They are very thin people in the upper body, despite having a very good appetite.

Sulphur 15C

Recommended in inflamed, congestive and discharging acne. The holes are red and do not tolerate heat.

Thuja occidentalis 9C, 15C or 30C

Thuja occidentalis is a medication that has strong affinity to the skin. It occurs in people who have large pores on the face, hyperseborrhoea, and droplets of sweat on the upper lip. warts, nevus, or mollusca, etc., may appear on the skin.

The nails are striated longitudinally or undulate transversely, and they are soft and brittle. Individuals suffer from profuse sweating in the armpits and genital area, with a leek soup-like odour.

Silicea 15C or 30C

People with a Silicea personality have a history of ENT (otorhinolaryngologic) pathology, constipation, and intestinal parasites. They are thin and it is characteristic that their feet sweat a lot. They tend to have chronic discharge and induration of their acne.

Tuberculinum residuum 9C or 15C

This is a recommended medication when acne lesions are tuberous, indurated and have a slow evolution.

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