Symphytum: the glue of homeopathy

Symphytum, in homeopathy is considered the “glue” of bone fractures, because it accelerates bone healing. It is also anti-inflammatory.

Symphytum Officinale has strong affinity for bones and tendons. It is also known as the common comfrey.

The mother tincture of Symphytum contains different active ingredients.

It is important to know that the mother tincture taken orally is contraindicated in pregnancy.

The most important active ingredients are allantoin, which has healing properties, and rosmarinic acid, for its anti-inflammatory action.

Main clinical indications of Symphytum

Treating trauma to, or broken, bones and periosteum is synonymous in homeopathy with Symphytum.

It is prescribed together with Calcarea phosphorica when treating a bone fracture, to accelerate the process of fracture healing.

It needs to be taken for the duration of immobilisation.

It is a good remedy after a bunion operation or after any broken bone.

It is also very effective for treating pain occurring during or after a broken bone or periosteum.

Sometimes, there is pain that persists after the bone fracture is consolidated.

It is recommended in periostitis of athletes and tendinitis of the Achilles tendon.

It is prescribed to treat trauma of the eyeball.

This trauma may have been caused by a blow from a foreign object such as a punch, a tennis ball, etc.

It can always be combined with Arnica montana. They are complementary in their actions.

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