Preventing sun allergy with homeopathy

Homeopathy can help to prevent the bothersome symptoms endured by those who suffer from sun allergy. Sun allergy can encompass a number of different symptoms.

Solar urticaria

Solar urticaria surfaces between a few seconds and several minutes after exposure to the sun and disappears spontaneously as soon as the patient has remained in the shade for a few hours. After a few exposures, the body adapts and becomes more tolerant to radiation


Photosensitivity tends to affect young women who, after sunbathing extensively, develop an itchy skin rash with blisters or bumps.

This does not normally affect the face – only the rest of the body or a specific part of it. This occurrence tends to resurface every year and is known as photosensitivity: a toxic or allergic reaction that is aggravated by exposure to light, particularly sunlight.

When it does affect the face or if the rash is more severe, you should always seek advice from your doctor.

Some medicines can also photosensitise the skin. This may include topical agents (bergamot, for example) or substances that have a general sensitising effect, such as the vast majority of medicines (some antibiotics, painkillers and some diuretics…)

Primary prevention of sun allergy

This is mainly based on common sense: we are aware that the sun is becoming increasingly dangerous, especially for our children, whose ability to tolerate the sun quickly decreases if we do not protect them sufficiently.

Avoid the sun when it is most intense – between the hours of 10am and 3pm.

The best protection is your clothing. In order to maximise the effectiveness of your sunscreen, you should use one tube per person over two days.

Sunscreen must be applied frequently if we are exposed to the sun. We should also remind you that sun creams and lotions do not offer complete protection against melanoma.

If you are taking medication, you should check whether it contains photosensitising substances with your doctor or pharmacist.

How can homeopathy help with sun allergy?

In order to prevent sun allergy with homeopathy, we can do the following:

Between a week and 15 days before our holiday, or the arrival of summer, and during exposure to the sun, sensitive persons should take:

Muriaticum acidum 7C for sun allergy: morning and night.

Histaminum 9C for sun allergy:  people who are susceptible to hives should take it once a week.

The most widely used base medication in these cases is Natrum muriaticum, which will be given in 9C or 15C once a week.

The prescription for the base treatment is usually the responsibility of the homeopath, as each base treatment will differ according to each person. We cannot generalise with Natrum muriaticum.

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