Sulphur: organised chaos

Sulphur is an essential element that is found in all parts of the body. In homeopathy, the child that is affected by Sulphur is easily irritated and difficult to comfort. Sulfur is Sulphur that has been enhanced and cleansed.

They are easily offended and refuse to engage afterwards. When they want something, they have to have it there and then. They are disorganised children who dislike cleanliness. They tend to have blemished, dry and scaly skin.

They like to sleep with their feet uncovered or sticking a foot out of the covers. Their lips, mouth, nose, eyelids and anus can sometimes appear abnormally red or irritated.

How to recognise a Sulphur child

They don’t have a specific morphology. They could be heavier or slimmer children who are in good general health, are optimistic and active who become grumpy, irritable and lazy when they are unbalanced, especially if they are on the slimmer side.

These are disorganised children, it could be said that they live in “organised chaos”. If they are looking for something in the mess, they will usually find it.

They are not exatly cleanliness freaks; they will wash themselves only when coerced.

They have a tendency to philosophise and are full of ideas and witticisms. They usually have skin problems, particularly itches that are worsened by humidity.

They sweat profusely and the sweat smells unpleasant. Younger children enjoy sweet and highly seasoned foods.

The plumper Sulphur is rounded, ebullient, lively, happy, polite, outgoing and sociable. He is usually hyperactive. He is always hot and has great stamina.

When he is unbalanced, he becomes impulsive and reacts aggressively to obstacles, to a point where he is so angry that his face reddens.

They are easily irritated and difficult to comfort. They never bear grudges and struggle to understand how someone could be upset by their temper flare-ups.

The slimmerSulphur child is tall, hunched, often tired, with an empty stomach towards 11am. He is almost always hungry and feels weak.

He alternates between being tired and full of energy. When the slim Sulphur child is feeling energetic, he becomes active, optimistic, sociable and extroverted.

If he gets tired, he becomes lazy and indecisive, with an inclination towards disorder and bohemia.

Foto: dorisalb, „Hellau und Allaf“

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