Stramonium: night terrors

In homeopathy, Stramonium is prescribed for sleep-related disorders and night terrors, especially for children who need to sleep with the light on.

It can also be used when the patient has a high temperature causing delirium or hallucinations.

When do we use Stramonium?

Stramonium or Jimson weed is prescribed in the following cases:

  • Acute or intense feverishness, not necessarily causing agitation
  • Mania, delirium or nocturnal fears. The patient always asks to have to light on.

Characteristics of the Stramonium individual

When they are unbalanced, patients who correspond with the Stramonium typology don’t feel pain, despite the severity of the symptoms they are affected with.

The patients feel spasms in the throat that are intensified upon swallowing.

This means that they are afraid to drink, even though their mouth and throat are dry.

They suffer from violent congestive headaches where a pulsating sensation can be felt.

The symptoms worsen with darkness, solitude, after sleep or when faced with strong, blinding objects such as mirrors or surfaces in which the sun is reflected.

They have hydrophobia.

They have a tendency to turn violent immediately after suffering a shock, a fright, a high temperature that affects the brain or a blow to the head.

They are afraid of the dark, of tunnels, enclosed spaces and dogs.

They need the light on in order to sleep.

Violent, aggressive delusions can sometimes appear.  The patients break things, shout, bite, hit out and try to remove their clothing and exhibit themselves. They may have hallucinations involving convulsions or chorea.

Patients may try to grab imaginary objects.

Clinical indications

  • A high temperature that reaches a plateau, prompting delirium and hallucinations. For feverishness in children who have a history of hyper thermic convulsions. In paediatrics, Stramonium is preferable to Belladonna. We will choose either remedy depending on the type of fever and the severity of the symptoms:  Stramonium causes a temperature that reaches a plateau and the symptoms are far more pronounced that those caused by Belladonna.
  • Insomnia with night terrors
  • Delirium with aggression

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