Stannum metallicum for extreme asthenia

In homeopathy, Stannum metallicum individuals are characterised by extreme chronic and profound weakness, exhaustion, pallor and weight loss.

The main therapeutic application of Stannum metallicum is in extreme asthenia in chronic lung disease.

Their weak spot is their lungs. Stannum metallicum individuals have a tendency to develop colds, the flu and bronchial afflictions that are accompanied by exhaustion and abundant mucus.

The tiniest amount of effort exhausts them, even speaking tires them out. They feel better when they lie down.

Stannum metallicum individuals feel dejected and exasperated – these tubercular sufferers feel so profoundly exhausted that they don’t have the strength to fight off their illness.

They are so exhausted that they become tired when they speak or laugh – they are unable to conduct a conversation, their ideas overwhelm them and they start many things that they do not finish. They will go through moments of hysteria, anxiety and desperation.

Stannum metallicum people suffer from intense nerve pain in their eye sockets and malar bones along with headaches and backache.

This pain increases and decreases gradually. They feel worse at around 5am.

They cough when they speak, laugh or sing. They have night sweats that tire them out.

Stannum metallicum characteristics

The person who responds to the Stannum metallicum or “metallic tin” profile is typified by extreme weakness.

They feel empty and they usually describe a weakness in their chest with a difficulty speaking.

They feel worse when they speak, as it is an overexertion for them.

The type of pain felt by this tubercular sufferer is a feeling of pressure or constriction that increases progressively until it reaches its maximum level, after which it begins to subside gradually.

Symptoms are exacerbated by the cold, any movement or effort, whether it be speaking, coughing, breathing, walking up or down stairs (do to their muscle weakness).

Clinical indications

Chronic bronchitis and bronchial dilation accompanied by large amounts of expectoration with a sweet and sour taste.

Headaches, migraines and nerve pain.

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