Spigelia for the treatment of migraines

Spigelia acts primarily on the nervous system, the heart and the eyes. In homeopathy Spigelia is used for the treatment of facial neuralgia, hepatic neuralgia, eye ball pain, migraines with eye pain and for intestinal parasites.

Its main characteristic is an intense, piercing, expansive pain that radiates.

The pain experienced in facial neuralgia is extreme, stabbing and burning.

It is especially noticeable on the left hand side.

The patient is very nervous and does not tolerate pain.

The patient develops headaches with eye pain.

The patient with a heart condition who is affected by Spigelia has violent palpitations that are observable even through clothing.

Stabbing precordial chest pains emerge and radiate towards the neck and left arm.

The patient feels a pressing, intolerable pain in the eyes that is increased by moving the eyeball.

Symptoms are worsened with touch, movement and cold air, especially with neuralgia.

Spigelia clinical indications

Facial neuralgia that appears on the left hand side and shingle neuralgia (herpes zoster)

Disorders relating to parasite infection (ascaris) such as periumbilical pain, stuttering or strabismus.

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