Slimming with Schussler salts

Schussler salts are mineral salts that are essential for a well-functioning body. If we combine the appropriate Schussler salts with a balanced diet and exercise, we can lose weight.

Schussler salts provide us with the minerals that our body and cells need to boost the metabolic process.

There are 3 particular Schussler salts that can help us to get rid of anxiety, toxins and excess weight.

The appropriate diet and exercise are in your hands, and together with these salts, will help you to reach your goal – natural weight loss, without side effects.

If you need to lose a large amount of weight, we recommend that you speak to a nutritionist.

When we lose weight, our skin can become flaccid. Schussler salts are found in ointment form to care for your skin and in tablet form, for your body. 

The combination of the three Schussler salts and how to take them


Salt no. 10 Natrum sulfuricum D6 is the “secretory salt” of detoxification.

It helps our body to release the excess fluid that is retained in our tissues, regulates excretion and improves digestion.

It has a direct action upon the depurative organs, such as the liver, the gall bladder and the kidneys. Dissolve 2 tablets of this salt in your mouth.

Ointment no. 1 Calcium fluoratum is very useful in helping us to achieve skin firmness.


Salt no. 5 Kalium phosphoricum D6 is the “all-rounder” salt. It is the most important salt, as it strengthens the mind and body.

In our case, it will relieve the anxiety and nerves that we feel when we need to follow a diet. Dissolve 2 tablets in your mouth.


Salt no. 9 Natrum phosphoricum is the salt that regulates body fat metabolism.

It eliminates the accumulated body fat. This salt also decreases excess acid levels, drains the lymphatic system and purifies the blood.

Ointment no. 11 Silicea is the salt of beauty. It has anti-wrinkle and skin purifying properties.

By combining the above three salts in tablet form, we can eliminate toxins and fluid retention, lose weight and control the anxiety that occurs when we diet.

The ointments will give us firm, toned, radiant and soft skin.

Always seek advice from your doctor, therapist, pharmacist or health professional.

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