Silicea: a golden spike with a weak stem

Silicea is in homeopathy comparable to “a spike with very weak stem”. At high dilutions Silicea is recommended for chronic discharge, in osteoarthritis, in the growth phase and for bone mineralization.

In high dilutions it activates the body’s defence system. At low dilutions Silicea acts as a protector of the arterial wall.

How to recognise a Silicea individual?

A Silicea personality is a person with very thin bones; they are refined, aesthetic, sensitive to cold and weak. Usually their hands and feet are cold.

They may have a prominent potbelly. They usually suffer a lack of warmth and pain in the back.

They fear they will be rejected and abandoned, they feel weak.

Children have a large head, and big, bright eyes. They have cold sweat on the forehead, neck and feet.

They are nervous, agitated, shy, reserved, timid, sensitive, serious, correct and polite children.

They have a lot of empathy, and make many friends. They are very thorough, value everything, they understand and create a very subjective opinion.

A child, and adolescent, with the Silicea condition is observant, very intelligent, but lacks confidence in themselves and has a fear of failure.

They are usually docile and calm. Intellectually, they are easily exhausted. They hate violence and take refuge in a solitary activity or give themselves to a generous and selfless cause.

On the other hand, they are prone to fatigue. A person with the Silicea condition is thin, tires quickly and, although their diet is good, often complains of headache.

What feelings do they have?

Generally, they suffer tenderness. They are sensitive to cold, have the impression of cold in the diseased areas and they jump at the slightest noise.

What do individuals with the Silicea personality like and dislike?

They enjoy the heat, and warm, dry weather. But they do not cope well with the cold and get worse with the new moon.

When is Silicea used?

  • if there are chronic conditions in the ears and throat,
  • whether there are digestive disorders in childhood,
  • if vaccines are poorly tolerated,
  • in childhood, when there is a disorder in food assimilation,
  • if there is exhaustion due to intellectual overload,
  • if there is profuse sweating on the head and smelly feet, brittle nails or skin and mucous membranes that have discharge,
  • lack of general reaction to a physical or psychological aggression.

Main clinical indications

  • In otorhinolaryngology (ENT): rhinitis, sinusitis, and otorrhea.
  • General condition: the Silicea personality is shy, has physical and intellectual exhaustion, restless sleep or sleepwalking.
  • Chronic discharge: the homeopathic scalpel. It is prescribed in boils, acne, dental discharge, styes, rhinopharyngitis, and bronchitis,
  • Growth and mineralization: it is very effective in rickets, bone fractures, osteoporosis and in lactation.

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