The secrets of Schüssler salts

Schüssler Salts are minerals essential for important metabolic processes. Schüssler salts are chemical combinations of metals and non-metals.

There are twelve main Schüssler salts, and they are all over the body.

Sometimes the body does not get the minerals it needs. Other times, independent body cells are unable to absorb these minerals.

Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Schüssler concluded that when a cell is lacking one of theses minerals it develops different symptoms and pathologies.

If we administer suitable salts a physiological balance is reached at the cellular level. Also the symptoms gradually disappear.

Schüssler salts are so diluted that they reach every cell in the body.

Schüssler salts are not homeopathy. Schüssler salts are biochemical. They are in the form of ointment or tablets. Schüssler salts work by removing functional disorders of the body because they provide the necessary minerals.

Schüssler salts stimulate the body to heal itself. They do not act by similarity like homeopathy.

No.1 Calcium fluoratum D12

It is a very important salt in the development and growth of children. It is the salt that strengthens ligaments, joints, skin, bones and tendons.

It strengthens teeth and prevents cavities. The No.1 salt gives elasticity to rigid tissues that are hardened by calluses and scars.

No.2 Calcium phosphoricum D6

The No.2 salt is known as the restoration remedy. The No.2 salt can be given in all bone-related ailments. In case of broken bones, and growing pains at night in children.

It is used to treat headaches after an effort of concentration. The ointment can be applied to the eyelid (without it going in the eye) in case of chronic conjunctivitis.

No.3 Ferrum phosphoricum D12

It is anti-inflammatory salt. Therefore, it is advisable for all “itis”, pharyngitis, otitis, laryngitis, in inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, etc.

The No.3 salt is very effective in bumps. It is prescribed in cases of anaemia, decreased resistance when in fatigue and poor concentration.

The ointment of the No.3 salt is used in case of bruises, sprains and burns. If the eyes are tired, apply a thin layer over the eyelid, without it entering the eye.

No.4 Kalium chloratum D6

The No.4 salt is the salt of the mucous membranes, kidneys and heart. It is an anti-inflammatory salt, for inflammations of second stage.

This salt is recommended in sore throat and ears. Also, in thrush, cystitis, conjunctivitis, and inflammation of mucous membranes of the stomach and intestine.

No.5 Kalium phosphoricum D6

The No.5 salt is for the body, mind and spirit. It is the salt that improves the functioning of nerves and muscles.

No.5 salt helps with tearfulness and sadness, in physical and mental fatigue, nervousness and restlessness in. The ointment of No.5 is applied for nappy rash.

No.6 Kalium sulfuricum D6

The No. 6 salt is detoxifying, it has strong affinity for the liver. This salt regenerates the skin therefore is advised in psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

No.7 Magnesium phosphoricum D6

The No. 7 Salt is reassuring. It is a salt advisable in case of pain and cramps. It is prescribed for menstrual cramps, nervous type of pain and calf cramps.

It is very effective in case of nervousness, internal stress and sleep disorders. It is used in case of hiccups, muscle spasms and in teething.

No.8 Natrium chloratum D6

The No.8 salt is the salt for fluid balance. This salt helps dry eyes and tears. It is advised if mucous membranes are dry, or in case fluids such as tears or saliva are secreted.

It is also advised in case of diarrhoea, vomiting and constipation. The ointment is prescribed to treat shingles.

No.9 Natrium phosphoricum D6

No. 9 salt leads to an acid-base balance; it is the salt of metabolism. It is the salt that helps in digestive ailments.

We use it in case of heartburn, gas, poor digestion of fatty food, diarrhoea and vomiting. Also it can be taken after nursing infants to improve digestion and prevent the formation of gases.

No.10 Natrium sulfuricum D6

The No.10 is a detoxifying salt since it eliminates retained liquids. This salt helps eliminate oedema and is anti-inflammatory.

It helps to improve digestion and is recommended in cases of constipation and diarrhoea, gas and flatulent colic. It is used in genital warts. The ointment is used to treat chilblains, corns and infant colic.

No.11 Silicea D12

No.11 is not a salt. Silicon is the structural basis of all organs and tissues. It is prescribed for any condition of the bones, joint cartilage and connective tissue.

It is a basic component of skin, hair and nails. Silicon maintains the elasticity of blood vessels.

Silicon is recommended for nail fungus, psoriasis, excessive sweating, otitis and flu infections.

No.12 Calcium sulfuricum D6

The No.12 salt is anti-inflammatory in the skin, mucous membranes and joints. This salt treats chronic diseases of the bladder and bronchi.

It is used to treat severe and persistent acne, pimples, pustules and abscesses.

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