Rhus toxicodendron cares for the joints

Rhus toxicodendron is a great homeopathic remedy for ailments of the musculoskeletal system. These individuals have weakness in the joints, especially in the cervical (neck) area.

They are a rigid individual and are unable to relax, physically or mentally.

A person with the Rhus toxicodendron condition is in need of stretching, they feel that their tendons are stiff, almost as if rusted.

They have stiffness and creaking in all the joints, especially in the neck.

Their symptoms worsen at the start of any movement, but then the movement gradually improves the symptoms.

An individual with a Rhus toxicodendron personality is angry, intolerant, miserable, unhappy and desperate.

All their symptoms worsen with moisture, cold and drafts, at rest and at night.

They suffer from morning stiffness and have the feeling of soreness, bruising and numbness.

They improve in warm weather, by applying heat to the painful area, with light exercise, slow movement and a change of position.

They feel the need to keep moving.

When should Rhus toxicodendron be used?

When there is pain and stiffness that gets worse with cold, damp weather. In viral fevers, due to sensitivity to damp cold, such as flu and herpes.

Main indications

Skin: cold sores or genital herpes, shingles, any dermatitis that has small vesicles containing clear fluid, or itchy red patches, that improve with hot water and leave an impression of “leopard print” skin.

Rheumatism: rheumatic pain aggravated by moisture, sciatica with wrenching pain that worsens with rest and improves with movement.

Traumatology: sprains and dislocations. In sprains or fractures after being immobilised.

Infectious diseases: influenza with soreness and chills, the mucous membranes are dry. Also, for dengue and chickenpox.

Others: hoarseness, loss of voice, dysphonia appears when the individual starts to talk or sing and then it improves.

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