Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of cholesterol

Homeopathy can help us to reduce low levels of cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol should be treated with natural or traditional medicine.

On some occasions we can reduce our cholesterol levels by following a suitable diet, taking moderate exercise and homeopathic treatment.

An example of the homeopathic treatment that could be used is a combination of Podophyllum 9C, Cholesterinum 9C and Lycopodium clavatum 9C.

If the patient is gluttonous, Antimonium crudum 9C can be added to the previous base treatment to regulate the patient’s appetite. 5 granules should be taken prior to each meal.

If the individual has an anxious disposition, alleviates his or her symptoms by eating and has a tendency to wake up at night to eat, Psorinum 9C could be very useful.

Calcarea carbonica can be used as a base treatment for patients who have a tendency towards obesity, hyperlipidemias (excess lipids in the blood), gout and diabetes..

Sulphur 15C supports liver detoxification.

It is prescribed when there is excessive cholesterol in the blood as well as high blood pressure and hyperuricemia.

The patient perspires easily, craves sweet foods, alcoholic drinks and spicy foods. 5 granules should be taken in the morning and in the afternoon.

Strontium compose is a good homeopathic medicine to use alongside others when high levels of cholesterol are present.

5 granules should be dissolved under the tongue 3 times a day.

It is advised to take a dose of Cholesterinum 15C once a week. Available in chemists.

Low levels of blood cholesterol can be controlled with a combination of a personalised homeopathic treatment, an appropriate diet and moderate exercise. Always seek the advice of a specialist.

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