Remedies for Haemorrhoids: Homeopathy

Homeopathy quickly solves the symptoms of haemorrhoids when there is an acute outbreak. Haemorrhoids are an abnormally dilated vein of the rectum or anus.

They are usually asymptomatic, but very annoying symptoms may also appear such as pain, itching, bleeding…

If they are established chronically and progressively, the causes can be hypertension in the liver, and venous and digestive fragility.

They can be internal if they prolapse into the rectum or external if they go out through the anus. If bleeding haemorrhoids is chronic they can eventually lead to the iron deficiency, anaemia.

Internal haemorrhoids do not often have pain because in this area there are no sensory nerves.

External haemorrhoids show symptoms of constant anal pain if a thrombosis is formed.

The anal pain is worse during defecation. Pain intensity is greatest at two or three days and gradually disappears after a week.

Acute haemorrhoids occur under specific conditions: alcohol abuse, symptoms of gastroenteritis after eating spices or pharmacodynamic substances in exaggerated quantities, giving birth, prolonged efforts that have caused an inflammation of the haemorrhoidal veins with congestion that can arrive at a haemorrhage or thrombosis, sometimes accompanied by itching.

Homeopathic treatment of acute haemorrhoids

Homeopathy treatment combines the medication orally and lifestyle modifications. Whenever blood is expelled from the anus you should consult your doctor or health care professional. 

Arnica montana

Arnica montana is prescribed when there is a sense of bruising that worsens with the slightest touch and also for bleeding haemorrhoids. It is given in low dilutions of 7C or 9C five pellets are to be taken every hour or two hours.

Aesculus hippocastanum

The individual who is prescribed Aesculus hippocastanum has a feeling of rectal fullness, punctures to the rectum and dry, hot and chafed mucosa. It is recommended to take it in drops at dilutions 4D to 6D.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is given in case of painful haemorrhoids that improve with icy cold applications, which appear after having consumed spices and/or alcoholic beverages in people who are sedentary, sthenic, or angry and that are prone to constipation.

Hammamelis virginiana

Hammamelis virginiana is prescribed in haemorrhoid bleeding, with a feeling of pain or burst veins. They worsen in the heat and at the slightest touch.

Fluoricum acidum

Fluoricum acidum is a homeopathic medication that is recommended for itching haemorrhoids, that bleed or not, but especially if there varicose veins with heaviness in the legs. They are worse from heat and improve with cold showers.

Paeonia officinalis

Paeonia officinalis is prescribed for haemorrhoids that are swollen, painful and very sensitive to the touch, anal pain before, during and after defecation.

The itching is severe, the patient has a great desire to scratch and the haemorrhoids ooze. It is prescribed in drops in 4D or 6D, three or four times daily.

Avenoc suppositories: a homeopathic remedy recommended for haemorrhoids. This medicine can be purchased at pharmacies.

Hygienic-dietetic care

In the phase of an acute outbreak, avoid spices, alcohol and drink drinks with a high water content, exercise and eat a diet that is not astringent, is rich in fibre, vegetables, fruits, salads, and cereals. The fibre can be obtained by eating 20 to 30 grams per day of wheat bran.

Wash the affected area well after each deposition. Do not use toilet paper; replace it with special wipes for haemorrhoids, Hemofarm plus wipes for example.

Ointments or suppositories applied locally decongest and lubricate to facilitate the expulsion of the faeces.

You can use for example Aesculus compose suppositories or ointment, Ratanhia or Avenoc ointment, trademark of the Boiron laboratory. These products can be obtained from a pharmacy.

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