Psychotropic drugs: homeopathy for fears and phobias

In the following article, which is part of our series “The psychotropic drugs of homeopathy” we will talk about homeopathic remedies for fears and phobias.

If the symptoms are acute and the level of discomfort is mild, we can try to choose the remedy that matches our symptoms as closely as possible. Severe symptoms must always be treated by a specialist physician.


Aconitum is used for anxiety attacks, restlessness, and fear of death or for reactive syndromes caused by an unexpected fright.

Argentum nitricum

Argentum nitricum is a remedy that is used for the treatment of anxiety and worry accompanied by headaches and dizziness.

Argentum nitricum can also help us with palpitations that are often caused by changes in the weather or sometimes by stage fright, exam anticipation, agoraphobia or a fear of enclosed, narrow spaces.

Argentum nitricum causes anticipatory fear and the symptoms that are exhibited include: agitation, emotional diarrhoea, sleep difficulties and minor motor coordination disorders (the patient wavers or staggers).

Arsenicum album

The Arsenicum album remedy is used for reactive depressive states that are brought about by chronic debilitating illnesses. The people who are affected are afraid of dying, have anxiety attacks and even nightmares and restlessness accompanied by irritability and fatigue.

Arsenicum album can improve depression (caused by debilitating illness), but not anxiety or fear of death, as these are psychological and Arsenicum album does not act upon the central nervous system. In cases of anxiety and fear of dying, Arsenicum album would act as a placebo.

Calcarea carbonica

This is a homeopathic remedy that is used for fears combined with pessimism, strong despondency, exhaustion and an inability to make decisions. The infant who is affected by Calcarea carbonica has night terrors.

Lachesis mutus

This is used when the patient has separation anxiety, fear of the future and general mistrust. Sometimes this is caused by cardiovascular or hormonal disorders. In the depressive phase, the Lachesis individual alternates between excessive talkativeness and muteness.

Their anxious state is particularly pronounced in the morning, and is accompanied by phobias such as a fear of death, a fear of not waking up, a fear of being poisoned etc. They may also have paranoid tendencies.

Natrum chloratum

This homeopathic remedy is prescribed for fear caused by worry and also conflicts or stress, which is often accompanied by depression that is particularly severe between 10 and 11am.


Phosphorus is a remedy that is useful for the treatment of fears that are caused by a weakened nervous system, together with sleeping disorders and a fear of the dark.

The person who is affected by Phosphorus is very vulnerable, anxious and easily startled, and is afraid of thunderstorms, loneliness, illness and death, especially at twilight.

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