Platinum metallicum: perverse, proud and extravagant

Platinum metallicum or platina is a homeopathic remedy that works primarily on two levels: sexual and mental. It is prescribed for emotional trauma following repeated romantic and sexual misfortunes.

Platina is an egocentric and proud woman.

She takes great care of her external appearance. She is usually dark-haired and slim, and always likes to wear extravagant jewellery and accessories.

Platina has a high sex drive that begun at a young age, which led her to masturbate occasionally. The Platinum metallicum woman is also romantic and idealistic in relationships.

Platinum metallicum: sexual and emotional satisfaction

She needs emotional and sexual satisfaction, something that not all men can provide her with. She becomes disillusioned and moves from one relationship to another, but is always disappointed.

She is a proud woman who has a high level of self-esteem but disregards others around her. She looks down upon everyone and believes that everyone is physically and psychologically inferior.

She sees things smaller than they are and feels like her body parts are growing in size

She despises the world and feels contempt for men even though she continues to be with them. Many of them are addicted to sex.

Some types of Platina are angry and unsatisfied by the world around them. They have a controlled desire to kill that is magnified by the presence of a knife.

When there is a complete imbalance, we can distinguish between two types of Platina women.

The first type is aggressively addicted to sex. The second type has delusions of grandeur and believes that she is great, powerful and worthy of privileges and respect. She dreams that she is royalty.

Over time, they become affected by psychological disorders with depression, melancholy, sadness, indifference and coldness, and can be easily distracted and react in a hysterical way. They may also suffer from sexual disorders.

Platina characteristics

A person who fulfuls the Platina typology has an alternation between physical and psychological disorders.

Her behaviour is proud and her attitude towards others is pejorative. Her moods are variable and can change from laughter to tears without reason. Platinum metallicum is able to laugh at sad things and vice versa.

Her female genital tract is hypersensitive. Pain increases and decreases progressively and worsens with touch (particularly the genitalia) and at night.

The pain is spasmophilic, with cramps and numbness.

She has feelings of pressure “like a tightening screw or bandage” when she suffers from headaches.

Clinical indications

Spasmophilia, neurotic sexual behaviour (sex addiction), vaginismus

Premenstrual and intermenstrual syndrome, endometriosis and dysmenorrhea

Spasmodic constipation that is worse when travelling.

Facial, pelvic, stomach and head neuralgia.

Headaches with fluctuating pain.

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