Dwarf-bean (PHASEOLUS) – Heart symptoms quite pronounce. Diabetes.

Head.–Aches chiefly in forehead or orbits from fullness of brain; worse any movement or mental exertion.

Eyes.–Pupils dilated, insensible to light. Eyeballs painful to touch.

Chest.–Breathing slow and sighing. Pulse rapid. Palpitation. Sick feeling about heart, with weak pulse. Right ribs sore. Dropsical effusion into pleura or pericardium.

Urinary.–Diabetic urine.

Heart.–Fearful palpitation and feeling that death is approaching.

Relationship.–Compare: Crataeg; Lach.

Dose.–Sixth and higher. A decoction of the shells as a drink for diabetes, but look out for severe headache.

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