Nitricum acidum for skin and mucus membrane problems

In homeopathy the Nitricum acidum personality is a continuously irritable, resentful, thin, nervous, sad, whining, unhappy and unsatisfied person. They achieve that no-one enjoys their company, and they are never pleased.

They are spiteful people, internalising a kind of hatred and never, ever forgive.

They live drifting with the current, they do not want to fight, they are disappointed, they care about nothing, they are indifferent and apathetic, unmotivated, have no hope, and no initiative… they isolate themselves.

When is Nitricum Acidum used?

The conditions to be treated are in the skin, mucous membranes or in the mucocutaneous junctions:

  • in the mucous membranes, mainly the digestive and genitourinary, where there are ulcerations with irregular edges and that bleed easily underneath, the fissures are linear like a scratch. In festering polyps or that bleed easily.
  • in the skin, there are fissures with sharp edges, a red background, and a sharp pain as if there is a splinter. The most characteristic feature is that the skin adjacent to the lesion shows a golden yellow tint and induration (hardness).

Characteristics of the Nitricum acidum personality

Nitricum acidum is a remedy that has affinity for the skin and mucous membranes. They are people prone to depression.

The lesions or chronic mucous catarrh is established slowly and progressively. There exists a tendency to produce newly formed at the skin or mucosal level.

A prominent feature in Nitricum acidum is poor circulation. This is responsible for their generalised weakness, they are sensitive to cold, prone to ulcers and fissures on the skin or mucous membranes.

Their feet smell and sometimes the urine smells bad, like the urine of a “horse”. Their pain is sharp with the sensation of having a splinter or thorn.

In case of an anal fissure, they have feelings of urgency.

They are anaemic, with pale skin, dark circles under the eyes and generalised weakness.

There will come a point where their health and the fear of death will be an obsessive idea for the patient and it may be that the physical symptoms, such as the smell of feet or craving for fat and salt, disappear but the emotional problems increase.

Anxiety related to their own health status is established. The idea of developing cancer increases their anxiety.

Their fear of death prevents suicide, but they will try.

As they find it difficult to find the perfect woman, they satisfy their sexual needs in the company of prostitutes, their excitement is purely physical.

They have a craving to eat fatty, spicy food, and salted fish (herring), their jaw creaks when chewing.

They get worse with the cold, noise, the slightest touch and in the morning they are cranky and irritable, it is better not to say good morning.

The pain is worse at night, a splinter-type pain, in the joints or long bones.

Clinical indications

Cold sores with “splinter pain” in the mouth and lip sores

Anal fissures with stinging and important urgency

Rectocolitis that bleeds

Plantar warts or other yellow warts. Papilloma and condyloma

Balanitis and inflammation of the foreskin that bleeds easily

Eczema with fissures and cracks

Leg ulcers with “splinter pain”

All gynaecological or digestive polyps. Mucosal polyps of the neck, cervical condylomas. Irritating leucorrhoea

Prevention of recurrences of bladder polyps.

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