Natural treatments for canine Leishmaniasis

Improve your dog’s health with homeopathy, Schussler salts and/or orthomolecular therapy. Leishmaniasis is a disease that is caused by parasites. The disease is contracted through a mosquito bite – the mosquito inoculates the parasite when it extracts blood from the animal.

Once the parasite enters the dog’s bloodstream, it is able to reach any part or organ of the animal’s body, which gives it the capacity to cause a large number of symptoms.

Leishmaniasis symptoms

Wounds that do not heal, nose bleeds, weight loss, hair loss, dry skin and dandruff, diarrhoea, lameness…

We know that not all dogs exhibit the disease, even if they have been infected with the parasite; this is because the dog’s immune system is able to neutralise the development of the disease.

Additionally, the symptoms caused by the disease are due to the body’s own disease-fighting mechanisms; therefore, the best prevention or treatment for Leishmaniasis is a optimally functioning immune system.

What can we do?

  • Homeopathy is highly efficient. The type of homeopathic treatment will be determined by the animal’s clinical picture. A thorough treatment can reverse the antibody titre to a negative result.
  • Homeopathy delays the rate of kidney failure, helps to heal the wounds, recuperates anaemia quickly, improves the general health and wellbeing of our dog, helps to regain weight, controls diarrhoea…and has a beneficial effect on many other symptoms.
  • Immunity can be boosted with homeopathy, Schussler salts and/or orthomolecular medicines.
  • Give your dog a supplement of Omega-3 fatty acids. They must be from an animal source (the best source of Omega-3 for dogs is fish oil).

We can highlight three effects that Omega-3 has on canine Leishmaniasis: it stimulates the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce pain.

Also, we have been able to ascertain that animals that have been given these types of products are able to reduce their Leishmaniasis antibodies at a faster rate.

The synergy between a treatment that stimulates the defences and a homeopathic treatment together with a fatty acid supplement can help the animal to recover.

Always seek advice from your doctor, therapist, pharmacist or health professional.

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