Natrium carbonicum: Introverted misanthrope

Natrium carbonicum individuals are introverted to the point of being misanthropic. They dislike the cold and are sensitive to the sun. They have fragile joints that have a tendency to sprain repetitively.

People with a Natrium carbonicum personality dislike instability. They are anxious, afraid of thunderstorms, extremely sensitive to noise and have a propensity towards asthenia and depression.

A consensus cannot be reached where the Natrium carbonicum physique is concerned.

Individuals may have a broad and bulky appearance or be slim, weak and hunched.

Skin, respiratory and digestive mucous membrane pathologies are in constant alternation. When one condition improves, another one worsens.

They will sometimes develop eczema or herpes. Their respiratory mucous membranes are often affected by catarrh and asthma.

Ailments in the digestive system cause the patient to become bad-tempered. This improves once the digestive process evolves.

When do we prescribe Natrium carbonicum?

There are two clear cases when it is prescribed:

  • When sunbathing induced headaches occur, especially when the patient is intolerant of the cold.
  • When the patient suffers from multiple ankle sprains

Characteristics of the Natrium carbonicum individual

This extremely introverted character experiences gastric heaviness and swelling, cramps, nausea, belching and hiccups soon after eating.

Milk intolerance causes diarrhoea that has the appearance of orange pulp.

Natrium carbonicum inidividuals tend to feel hungry and as though their stomach was empty towards 5pm, 10pm or 11pm.

These digestive ailments make them feel irritable and bad-tempered.

They are usually croaky due to the build-up of phlegm in the pharynx.

This phlegm may be yellow and runny or thick and green.

When they are suffering from a cold, their sense of smell is reduced. Coughs and asthma become worse around 5am.

Their joints are fragile and they have a tendency to trip over themselves and sprain their ankle often.

Following mental exertion they develop headaches that are intensified by sunlight or artificial light.

They have a predisposition to asthenia, depression and listlessness and to feel exhausted from the heat. They are highly sensitive to noise.

Clinical indications

Flatulent dyspepsia, poor digestion.

Can also be given for diarrhoea that stems from milk-intolerance. It is used in infants who have diarrhoea as a result of a milk-intolerance and are alarmed by sudden noises.

Repetitive sprains.

Sunbathing and sunstroke induced headaches or headaches caused by intellectual exertion.

Asthenia, exhaustion and listlessness caused by excessive heat.

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