Mercurius Solubilis: the living thermometer

In homeopathy, the symptoms of the Mercurius Solubilis condition are an introverted, suspicious, egocentric and lonely person, who is slow to respond and reluctant to tell others what they feel.

Mentally, a Mercurius Solubilis individual is slow and has difficulties with comprehension, concentration and memory. Their activities are not productive or effective.

They are a “living thermometer” that cannot stand neither cold nor hot. Having the mercury personality, they have a limited tolerance to temperature.

On an emotional level, they are weak and unstable, and children with this personality show bouts of brutal anger. These individuals are also impulsive but controlled, prone to assault or battery, to kill or break things.

These people are impulsive and vulnerable, which eventually leads them to paranoia that they are possibly insane. Often they are police or in the military.

They tend to have secretions that are irritant and corrosive, and that smell rotten if they occur in the mouth.

They are destructive people, and therefore suffer autoimmune or destructive diseases.

Clinical indications

Also called quicksilver, the remedy is prescribed for acute and chronic infections of the mouth and throat. The most important characteristic is discharge and a metallic taste in the mouth.

It is a medication to treat acute or repeated angina, rhinitis, mumps, diarrhoea, and colitis after an infection of amoebiasis.

Quicksilver is also used to treat gingivitis, cold sores, pyorrhoea, gingival abscesses, learning difficulties in nervous children, and skin inflammations with discharge.


An individual with this personality has intense salivation, especially at night, with putrid and foul breath, a swollen tongue covered with a thick yellow coat and with a lateral imprint of the teeth. Normally they are intensely thirsty.

They tend to form purulent sores that smell bad and are difficult to heal.

Secretions in a Mercurius Solubilis individual are greenish, slimy, bloody, and the tissue either in the nose, throat, ear, intestine or genitalia is chafed.

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