Homeopathy: Ledum palustre for mosquito bites

Ledum palustre is also known as wild rosemary. It acts on the capillaries, joints and skin. The homeopathic remedy is recommended for insect bites and for injuries.

Ledum palustre is especially useful in plethoric individuals who are often alcoholics. But it can be used in all patients.

It treats symptoms such as swelling of the joints when they are cold to the touch, pains that improve in a cold bath.

It is used in rheumatism when the pain goes from the bottom up.

But the main use is to treat bruising or “black eye” and insect bites.

These individuals have a feeling of bruising followed by numbness.

They feel pain in the soles of the feet and burning heat in the joints.

They have itching skin.

Symptoms improve with rest and extreme cold.

Symptoms worsen with movement, at night and with heat, for example, from the bed or a blanket.

Main indications

Trauma or injury

It is prescribed for a “black eye”.

The periorbital area is “bruised” by a bump with a soft object in the eye.

Ledum palustre is used to treat insect bites

It is used in high dilutions to prevent them and in lower dilutions to treat them.


Ledum palustre is a good remedy for treating acne rosacea.
Foto: Kristian Peters, GNU Free Documentation License

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