Kalmia latifolia for fleeting but intense pain

Kalmia latifolia is commonly known as the laurel of America or mountain laurel. It is used in homeopathy to treat sudden pain, cramps and spasms, and fleeting or sudden neuralgia that follow the paths of the nerves.

Kalmia latifolia is also suitable for heart ailments.


It is prescribed to treat neuralgia, mainly facial.

The patient feels erratic and sudden shooting pain that follows the path of the nerve. The pains go up and down, with numbness and palpitations.

If the pain of the Kalmia latifolia condition is located in the heart, it is the kind of stabbing pain that radiates to the left arm; there is bradycardia or tachycardia, violent palpitations and a feeling of discomfort.

A shooting pain due to a Kalmia latifolia condition may be located at the right eyeball, with a feeling of tightness in the eyelid.

Symptoms worsen with movement, from sunrise to sunset, and the maximum intensity of pain is at noon or during the first part of the night.

Patients have the feeling of respiratory constriction. They feel vertigo at the least effort.

Clinical indications

It is used to calm the shooting pain in sciatic neuralgia or facial neuralgia, ophthalmic migraines and pain caused by herpes or post-herpes.

In heart disease, the most important application is Barlow’s syndrome, where palpitations associated with mitral valve prolapse appear.

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