Iodum metallicum: bulimic but slender

Subjects who are affected by Iodum are slender, with a hyperactive thyroid and become easily fatigued, cannot stand the heat and have a constant voracious appetite.

Their hair and eyes are dark. Their eyes are prominent and bright. They have a tendency to develop acne.

These people are nervous and anxious and deal with their anxiety by moving around constantly and keeping themselves occupied.

When do we use Iodum?

We prescribe it for hyperthyroidism with rapid weight loss despite having bulimia. They have palpitations, tremors, agitation and anxiety.


People who lose weight despite their permanent bulimia and have feelings of hunger.

They are always hot and have fast, violent palpitations with the slightest effort, nervous agitation and tremors. They are easily fatigued.

They sweat from their armpits, hands and feet.

Their symptoms improve when they are eating or exposed to fresh air.

Clinical indications

For hyperthyroidism and rapid weight loss, despite having a healthy appetite – as a supplement to conventional medication.

When there is intolerance to cow’s milk, causing diarrhoea in these subjects.

For bulimia or constant hunger.

For rhinitis with an irritating discharge that is worse in the morning.

Benign mastosis with painless lumps.

For canker sores with increased flow of saliva.

In rheumatology, for synovial cysts.

For general cysts and lumps.

For juvenile acne and rosacea or as a base treatment for chronic or recurrent hives.

Iodum is indicated for these dermatological issues when the patient has the sensitive-type characteristics that we outlined previously.

Always seek advice from your doctor, therapist, pharmacist or health professional.

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