Impotence: Natural remedies of love

Natural remedies can help to improve sexual desire. Impotence, erectile dysfunction and a lack of desire do not have to be a trauma.

If you are tired, have no strength or vigour, no energy or libido; there are natural remedies that will fill you with energy and desire. We are talking about “Viagra* natural“.

After some research on erectile dysfunction it was discovered that the common link between the different cases of erectile impotence was a decrease in the neurotransmitter noradrenaline. A low concentration of noradrenaline in the nerves prevents an erection.

The reasons why there is lack of an erection can be diverse: diabetes, neurological disorders, illnesses of the penis and also blood pressure treatments with medication or beta-blockers.

Undoubtedly, diabetes and atherosclerosis (cholesterol) affect blood flow in the penile arteries, which are those that allow an erection. Food supplements and proper diet will not cure impotence, but may play a beneficial role in this disability.

Natural medicines that can help


Arginine increases nitric oxide levels, which facilitates penile erection. Arginine increases the vasodilatation in the genital area, and increases blood flow to the area. A large percentage of male seminal fluid is composed of arginine.

If arginine is added to the diet then sperm count and motility improves, and therefore male fertility.

Arginine in the diet of women improves ovarian response, endometrial receptivity and pregnancy rate.


Carnitine is an amino acid that has even greater activity than testosterone. Testosterone and L-carnitine improve sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. But L-carnitine is more effective than testosterone for improving erectile dysfunction, orgasm and sexual wellbeing.


In case of male sexual impotence the amino acid L-tyrosine, via the blood, nourishes the penile neurones normalising the production of noradrenaline and restoring erectile function of the penis.

It should not be used in conjunction with MAO inhibitor drugs or combined with thyroid hormones.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii)

Maca increases libido in women and energy levels in men. Traditionally, maca was used to improve physical and mental capacity. The Incas used it to increase the energy and vigour of warriors before battle, but it was also given to young people to enhance sexual activity.

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosacea)

Rhodiola enhances male sexual function. In erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation the supplement Rhodiola improves sexual activity.

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng)

Panax ginseng appears to enhance nitric oxide synthesis leading to increased microvascular blood flow in men. Korean Ginseng is appropriate for states of nervous exhaustion. It increases libido and potency.

Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides)

Muira puama is a plant from the Amazon rainforest that is considered a very effective aphrodisiac in the treatment of impotence. It improves libido, and awakens and stimulates desire. This plant improves sleep, morning erections and the stability of the erection during intercourse.


It is an antioxidant known as the Caribbean aphrodisiac.


For disorders in male fertility.

There are marketed products containing any of these drugs: “deseomax” (from Neo laboratory), and “sexovit” (from Nutrinat laboratory)…

Homeopathy also has medications that help impotence

Agnus castus

It has a special effect on sexual function when there is a lack of erection and spermatorrhea.


For irritation, lack of concentration, and hypochondria of a sexual and senile origin.


An aphrodisiac for sexual weakness in general.


For nervous exhaustion, heart palpitations after intercourse, and sexual neurasthenia.

Sepia officinalis

For sexual irritation with ejaculation, and poor or late libido and impotence.

There are homeopathic medicines available for trying to improve erectile impotence.

For him: Make a love potion with essential oils to increase sexual desire

  • Cinnamon essential oil, 1 drop
  • Ginger essential oil, 2 drops
  • Peppermint oil, 2 drops
  • Siam wood essential oil, 2 drops
  • Vegetable sesame oil, 2 drops

Apply four or six drops of the preparation to the lower part of the spine once or twice a day.

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