Ignatia amara, a plant especially for women

Ignatia amara comes from the San Ignacio bean. It contains strychnine, a remedy that acts on the central nervous system.

In homeopathy, Ignatia amara is used in depression, disorders in the body due to emotional shock and when there are frequent mood swings.

Therefore, it is a special plant in menstruation and menopause. Ignatia amara in these cases treats the emotional symptoms such as depression, sadness, crying, mood swings or a drop in mood…

Ignatia amara or San Ignacio bean is a tree native to India, China and the Philippines. It is a good homeopathic remedy for women. Ignatia amara is usually preferably recommended en women; brunettes with blue eyes, but not exclusively.

A woman with this personality is sensitive, intelligent, romantic and prone to hysteria. The Ignatia amara individual yawns and sighs because of difficulty in expressing their emotions.

They are any hypersensitive person that is usually happy, but with stress or adversity they become sad and melancholic. They become introverted, to better ruminate over their thoughts and sorrows.

Ignatia amara individuals cry easily, are moody, they easily pass from laughter to tears. They are women who easily forget their sorrows with distractions.

How to recognise the Ignatia amara individual?

They are blue-eyed, brunette women. But also, Ignatia amara can be a hypersensitive person in any situation that provokes strong emotions either joy or sadness. They have a feeling of a “lump in the throat”, constriction of breathing. Ignatia amara needs to sigh.

They are moody, have an irritable mood with a tendency to contradiction. They are bothered by odours, especially those of tobacco and coffee.

In their migraines the pain is as if they have “a nail”. They have erratic pains and a feeling of emptiness in the stomach.

In equilibrium they are usually an emotional woman or a child or a man of jovial character. They are quickly excited, shocked, go from laughter to tears easily, and give deep sighs and yawns. They have mood swings constantly and are very sensitive to their environment.

In imbalance they complain of spasms of pains that appear and disappear abruptly, from migraines. They faint frequently and dramatically.

But they know how to fall, and don’t hurt themselves. They try to think of other things, but they can become introverted and brood over their sadness.

What do people with the Ignatia amara personality like and dislike?

They improve all their problems with distraction, shopping, and cinema… The heat also improves all symptoms. They worsen around 11am, with emotions, with comfort and strong odours: tobacco, perfumes, and coffee…

It is a paradoxical person, for example, is able to laugh at a funeral, their haemorrhoids improve with defecation, excessive coffee makes them sleepy…

When is Ignatia amara used?

Ignatia amara is prescribed to treat the consequences of an emotional shock or a sorrow.

Thinking of Ignatia amara: in times of fear or fright, in a setback that is borne badly, humiliation and suppressed anger, contained and suppressed indignation, in accidents, sorrow, mourning, heartbreak and fear due to anticipation.

What feelings does an Ignatia amara individual have?

They have hypersensitivity to pain and odour. They are especially annoyed at the smell of tobacco unless they smoke.

They have the impression of general weakness, an empty stomach at about 11am. They have the impression of a “ball in the stomach” and respiratory constriction. They suffer from migraines and sudden, fleeting, erratic, and pinpoint pain.

Main clinical indications

They are a hypersensitive person, “shattered” and “torn”. Ignatia amara is given after strong emotions, disappointments and sorrows.

It is prescribed for conditions that are repeated, especially after stressful conditions. It helps in all spasmodic, changing, or paradoxical symptoms or that suggests a hyper-emotiveness.

It is prescribed in functional syndromes caused by a setback, related to stress or their social life. Ignatia amara individuals explain with sighs, and emotional tachycardia. Ignatia amara helps in times of anxiety, fear of anticipation, reactive depressive syndromes, and lovesickness.

It also cures stress-related diseases such as migraine, spasms after a setback, and muscle spasms.

It is a special plant for women. Ignatia amara is very effective in treating menstrual problems and menopause.

It treats emotional symptoms, most often caused by hormonal changes.

In these cases it treats depression, lifts the spirits, mood and prevents crying easily.

Foto: H. Zell, CC.

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