Homeopathy: Remedies for Weight Loss

A miracle cure for weight-loss does not exist. A combination of increased physical activity and a change in our nutrition by following a healthy diet is the only way to achieve and maintain long-term weight –loss.

However, certain treatments such as homeopathy can help us to lose weight.

Homeopathy is a very popular slimming treatment in various countries in Europe and south-eastern Asia.

The main attraction is the fact that the remedies are made from natural substances such as herbs, plants and metals.

Some people believe that a few drops of a highly diluted substance may not be effective, but many studies that have been conducted over a long period of time have concluded that homeopathic remedies can be very effective provided that the patient’s symptoms have been studied adequately and thoroughly.

Basically, homeopathy seeks to correct digestive disorders, improve metabolism and help to eliminate excess fluids: the three main factors in successful weight loss.

Personalised weight loss treatments

Homeopathic medications are prescribed following a study of the patient’s pattern of symptoms.

A homeopath questions the patient reflectively and thoroughly before prescribing the appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic remedies used to treat obesity are designed around the patient. These are as follows:

For example, if an obese individual feels an enormous desire to eat sweet foods, the prescribed remedy will be Argentum nitricum.

If the obese patient struggles to keep his or her appetite under control, eats to soothe his or her nerves, suffers from indigestion and craves hot foods or eggs, the prescribed remedy would be Calcarea carbonica.

Ignatia is prescribed to people who exhibit symptoms such as anxiety or fear.

Capsicum is used in obesity combined with laziness.

Nux vomica is prescribed to individuals who eat and drink in a frenzied manner and show a preference for fatty foods.

The advantages of homeopathy over traditional medicine in weight loss

Conventional medications used for obesity inhibit the absorption of nutrients or seek to simulate a feeling of satiety.

These drugs or weight loss supplements have not been approved by the FDA and are known to cause side effects such as intestinal disorders, weakness, nausea and vomiting.

On the other hand, homeopathic remedies are safe and are combined with a controlled diet.

Opinions are divided regarding the use of combinations of different homeopathic remedies.

Some experts believe that only one remedy should be used at a time and should be changed if symptoms don’t improve.

However, combinations of different homeopathic remedies for obesity have attained positive results for millions of patients.

Some of these have been commercialised and are used for weight loss – Homeogene 50 combined with Aequilidrainol. Both are from the Boiron laboratory and are for sale in pharmacies.

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