Homeopathy against vomiting

Vomiting can be treated with homeopathic medications. There are remedies for adults to treat pregnancy and for the infant.

The dosage for treating vomiting is 5 granules of adequate medication every half hour or every hour.

When the patients’ symptoms improve the dose is spaced out.

If the patient has to take two homeopathic remedies these are alternated, taking 5 granules of one of the remedies and after half an hour or an hour 5 granules of the other remedy. The doses are spaced out as the patient improves.

Homeopathic remedies

Antimonium crudum 5C

Antimonium crudum is used after an excess of food or indigestion. The patient’s tongue is heavily loaded, covered by a white and thick layer.

Antimonium crudum combines well with Nux vomica 5C. The dosage would alternate between Nux vomica and Antimonium crudum, 5 granules every hour.

Arsenicum album 9C

Arsenicum album is prescribed in case vomiting and diarrhoea are suffered simultaneously. The patient is cold, has heartburn and feels weak.

They are thirsty, but vomit immediately after drinking. It smells very bad.

Kalium bichromicum 5C

Kalium bichromicum is prescribed when vomiting of mucus appears. They are discomforts suffered by alcoholics, especially those who are beer drinkers.

Ipecacuanha 9C

Ipecacuanha is used when vomiting is abundant. The patient has nausea that is not relieved by vomiting.

Dizziness and headache may occur. The tongue is normal and there is abundant secretion of saliva.

Nux vomica 5C

The discomforts of the Nux vomica condition are due to indigestion or excess food, alcohol or mild poisoning.

The patient has belching and retching, but without vomiting. It is often combined with Antimonium crudum.

Phosphorus 9C

Vomiting by a Phosphorus individual is plentiful and burns the mouth and oesophagus. The patient vomits nothing more than the food or drink that arrives into the stomach.

There is acidity in the stomach, burning and the patient is thirsty for cold water.

Pulsatilla 9C

Pulsatilla is used to treat vomiting that occurs after eating very fatty foods.

Senna 5C

Senna is the main medication in case of Acetonaemic vomiting (acetone) in children. It can be combined with another drug that is absorbed in the method of the patient.

The dosage is to be alternated every half hour or every hour between Senna and the medication of choice. It is advisable to have the child drink at least half a litre of water of a drink that is sweet.

Coca-Cola is a suitable drink in this case and it surely the child will not scorn it.

Sepia 9C

Sepia is used to treat vomiting of pregnancy. The discomfort appears after meals. The pregnant woman has a craving for acidic or vinegary foods, or condiments.

They get heartburn and a bad taste in the mouth. The dosage is 5 granules twice daily.

Homeopathic remedies for the new-born

While waiting for the doctor’s consultation, five granules can be given of the right medicine.

Aethusa 5C: vomiting resembles curdled milk.

Sepia 9C: vomiting is liquid milk.

Chamomilla 15C: when the infant is very nervous and restless.

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