Homeopathy: treatment for athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is also known as foot fungus or tinea pedis. Homeopathy complements a topical treatment very effectively.

Athlete’s foot is a condition due to fungus that is very common and is located on the feet. Homeopathic treatment allows for the disappearance of relapse.

This infection is frequently caused by dermatophytes of the genus Trichophyton and Epidermophyton.

The hot, humid weather and closed shoes supports the growth of these fungi.

These fungi are usually located in the interdigital spaces, on the soles and edges of the feet, and the heels, sometimes extending to the back of the foot in “moccasin foot” (Trichophyton rubrum).

The fungal infection causes itching, pain and inflammation.

It can become more complicated by a secondary bacterial infection that smells bad.

It usually affects both feet. Sometimes, there are also infected nails that are thickened and deformed. Fissures, deep and very painful cracks may occur.

Tinea pedis, or athlete’s foot, most often affects immunosuppressed patients and diabetics.

The fungi release a mannan from their cell wall that suppresses the immune system when it is already compromised.

In these patients the infection due to tinea pedis may result in the start of a fungal infection in the body

The spread of tinea pedis or athlete’s foot is by direct person-to-person contact and through fomites such as towels, sheets and clothing.

What to do to prevent it

Wash and dry the feet, especially between the toes.

Disinfecting footwear that the patient uses. If your feet sweat, switch shoes once a day and leave them to air.

Use cotton or wool socks.

Use booties or slippers if you go to a pool, saunas or gym shower.

Homeopathic treatment for athlete’s foot

Trichophyton rubrum

Trichophyton rubrum 15C is recommended, five granules once a day or five granules once a week. Only if the fungus responsible for the mycosis has been identified.


Graphite 15C is recommended, take five granules twice daily. Graphite is suitable in mycosis of the folds, if it is smelly and has discharge.

Arsenicum iodatum

Arsenicum iodatum is prescribed when there is scaly, flaking erythematous and dryness. Five granules of 9C to 15C is prescribed twice a day until healing.

It is important to accompany these medicines with a background treatment and topical treatment: Calendula tincture for example from the Boiron or Dhu laboratories.

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