How do we treat toothache with homeopathy?

Homeopathy can help to alleviate toothache and is very effective particularly when there is an accumulation of pus. At first, a local inflammation occurs, causing intense pain.

Sometimes, after the initial inflammation, a pus-filled abscess or boil can appear. A suitable homeopathic treatment can slow down the inflammation process and prevent the production of pus.

If an abscess has developed, we need to recognise which stage it is at in order to treat it correctly. The homeopathic dilutions will differ if we are treating the presuppurative phase, the suppurative phase or the end of the process.

The homeopathic treatment can cause the pus to be re-absorbed or accelerate the formation of the abscess until it reaches full maturity and can be operated on.

Homeopathic remedies for toothache

If taken as soon as the first symptoms appear, homeopathy can help to relieve the pain and stop the inflammation and accumulation of pus. It is important to remember to always make an appointment with your dentist if you have any concerns about your teeth.

As follows are few remedies to treat inflammation

Arnica montana

Arnica montana is a pain reliever and a good homeopathic remedy for inflammation. Before we have a tooth extracted, we can take Arnica 9C together with Gelsemium sempervirens 9C. Treatment should begin the day before the extraction.

Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is prescribed when the pain improves with hot compresses.


Belladonna is prescribed when there is tooth sensitivity. Belladonna causes low pain tolerance; even the lightest touch can aggravate it. Belladonna is prescribed for piercing, sudden, intense toothache. The cheek on the affected side is flushed.

Chamomilla vulgaris

Chamomilla vulgaris is prescribed for pain that is aggravated by talking – the patient feels unbearable, extreme pain. One cheek is pale and the other is flushed. Chamomilla is the appropriate medication for teething infants.

Mercurius solubilis

Mercurius solubilis is prescribed when there is a pain at the root of the tooth that is caused by exposure to heat or cold. The patient has halitosis.


Staphysagria is useful for toothache that appears during menstruation.

The remedies for toothaches causing suppuration are


Pyrogenium is prescribed for the presuppurative phase, when there is no pus or for when the suppuration is draining. Pyrogenium can help to deter or completely stop the suppurative processes.

Hepar sulfuris calcareum

Hepar sulfuris calcareum is the homeopathic medicine of choice for the treatment of suppurations.

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