Homeopathy: Sunburn

Homeopathy is a natural remedy that can be used in minor burns and scalds. A little carelessness when exposed to the sun can cause a slight burn. We can deal with it quickly with Apis 15C and Belladonna 9C orally and apply calendula cream on the affected skin.

Hold the burned area under cold water as quickly as possible for about ten minutes.

If the burn is second degree and it is located on the hands or face, or if it does not heal well in two days, you must go to the doctor.

Homeopathic remedies to treat sunburn

Apis 15C for burns

It is also recommended in cases of hives that are caused by the sun. The dosage is 5 granules every five minutes, then every hour and spacing the dose out as symptoms improve, until only five pellets three times a day are being taken.

Belladonna 9C for burns

It is recommended for first degree burns with redness and a “cooked” sensation. The dosage is five granules five times a day. It is often prescribed in combination with Apis.

Cantharis vesicatoria 9C for burns

It is recommended for burns caused by the sun, blisters and if there is a loss of the surface layer of the skin.

In a second degree burn with blisters, combine Belladonna 9C and Cantharis 9C.

Take five granules of each drug, alternating every hour. The dose should be spaced out as symptoms improve.

Cantharis vesicatoria is a good remedy to treat burns in the mouth and for cold sores.

Topical calendula cream should always be applied, to which two drops of each of the following essential oils can be added: lavender, rosewood and Egyptian geranium.

It is very important to drink cool drinks and avoid the sun between twelve and four in the afternoon.

Prevention of an allergy to sunlight and sunburn

The best prevention is not to sunbathe when the sun is too strong and frequently apply sunscreen.

After sun exposure, urticaria (hives) appears in some people, this is what is known as a “sun allergy”. Sun allergy can be prevented with Natrum muriaticum.

Natrum muriaticum 9C for burns

It is a homeopathic remedy to prevent sun allergy. Take five granules three times a day. Start 15 days before exposure to the sun and continue until sunbathing is stopped.

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