Homeopathy: an ally of sport

Homeopathy helps the athlete before, during and after training. Certain homeopathic medicines facilitate stress resistance and help towards a good recovery.

A proper homeopathic dose reinforces both ligaments and bones and prevents inflammation, pain and physical exhaustion.

If you’re a great athlete or are thinking of starting a sport, it is important to put your body in a position to avoid any type of injury.

When making a physical effort, such as in a football game or a long hike, the body removes calcium and potassium that must be replaced so that bones and joints are reinforced.

Also, great athletes need an extra iron contribution of 10-20 milligrams a day because the haemoglobin levels in their blood are higher due to the exertion that the body of an athlete is under.

Homeopathic medicines that help in sport

Gelsemium sempervirens

Gelsemium sempervirens 15C is important if you are doing a competition. With Gelsemium sempervirens you can avoid the expected fears. It is recommended to take a dose on the eve of the test and again in the morning.

Kalium phosphoricum

Kalium phosphoricum is a remedy that is advised before and after physical exercise to prevent physical fatigue and muscle weakness.

Without potassium phosphate nerves and muscles would not work. Both potassium phosphate and Ferrum phosphoricum are able to extract energy from the cells thereby increasing resistance when doing sports.

Arnica montana

Arnica montana is taken at different dilutions depending on when it is taken (before, during or after sport).

Before doing sport Arnica 4C should be taken to stimulate and warm the muscles, during sports take Arnica 9C and then take Arnica 15C after sport to relax the muscles.

Calcarea sulphurica

The Calcarea sulphurica or Calcium sulphuricum is a medication that prevents muscle soreness after physical exertion.

It is a salt that is involved in the formation of connective and supportive tissue.

This salt works well with Kalium chloratum, which is also anti-inflammatory. Take the two salts after exercise to prevent the onset of muscle soreness.

Ferrum phosphoricum

Ferrum phosphoricum brings the extra iron needed by the athlete and also prevents inflammation and pain.

It is very effective as a supportive therapy if swelling occurs in the joints or a bone fracture (in this case it is combined with Calcarea phosphoricum).

Calcarea fluorica

Calcarea fluorica also called calcium fluoratum or calcium fluoride is a homeopathic medicine that strengthens bones, tendons and joints so that they can withstand the daily efforts of a workout or sport. It is appropriate in dilutions of 6D.

Calcarea phosphoricum

Calcarea phosphoricum or Calcium phosphoricum promotes growth and bone development.

In Schüssler Salts it is known as “the remedy of restoration”, since it has fortifying and constructive properties (involved in the formation of new cells).

It also prevents cramps and pain. It is generally recommended together with Calcarea fluorica at 6D dilutions.

Kalium sulphuricum

Kalium sulphuricum is found in the skin, hair and joints. It is a remedy capable of cleaning and purifying the body.

Kalium sulphuricum and Calcarea sulphurica have detoxifying effects. Kalium sulphuricum is also involved in the distribution throughout the body of the oxygen absorbed in respiration, thereby increasing resistance.

Foto: Francois Peeters, Creative Commons.

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