Homeopathy: Solutions for cellulite

Cellulite, also known as “orange-peel skin”, is a subcutaneous accumulation of fatty deposits in certain parts of the body – usually in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks – that take on the appearance of orange peel.

This subcutaneous layer known as dermis is formed by a framework of elastic fibres, collagen, blood capillaries and nerves, amongst other things.

The fat accumulates, forming adipose nodules of fat, water and toxins, and as the cellulite advances, both lymphatic and blood circulation is altered in a way that increases fatty tissue and the lateral walls swell, causing dimples.

These dimples are what we can see when we apply pressure to the skin that is affected by cellulite or orange-peel skin. In the case of advanced cellulite, these dimples can be seen at first glance.

There are different degrees of cellulite: soft cellulite, hard cellulite and sclerotic cellulite or orange-peel skin. Cellulite can be painful or not.

To summarize, cellulitis is formed by an accumulation of fats, water and toxins in the dermis, which then modify the structure of the dermis by creating dimples and affecting blood and lymphatic circulation in the area simultaneously.

Cellulite can be caused by

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Poor blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Poor nutrition
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption
  • Standing for long periods of time

How can homeopathy help us?

With medications that reactivate circulation and improve drainage, relieve water retention and excess weight, regulate anxiety and hunger.

Sometimes homeopathy will not resolve the issue by itself, but it is very useful in draining toxins, detoxifying the body and avoids worsening of the cellulite. At times it will be necessary to combine it with other treatments such as mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy consists of injecting homeopathic remedies in the area affected by cellulite – it works fantastically.

A few of the homeopathic treatments useful in the treatment of cellulite


Regulates hormonal activity and improves venous disorders, circulatory disorders of the lower limbs.

Antimonium crudum

Thick-set, gluttonous, grumpy, with a thick and white tongue. Suffers from gastrointestinal disorders and has a tendency to belch. This is a medication that controls the appetite and improves gastrointestinal conditions.

Fucus vesiculosus

Stimulates circulation and enables the breakdown of fats.


Post-menopausal women with elevated levels of TSH (T3 and T4 are normal). They are usually pale, feel the cold, suffer from constipation and widespread cellulite.

This homeopathic medication improves the cellulite and swelling associated with the menopause. They are individuals who have a tendency towards obesity.

Ignatia Amara

A great regulator of the neuro-vegetative system, a nerve soother. It is suitable for women who are sensitive and nervous who are calmed by distractions.

They eat to alleviate distresses and eating increases when they are nervous, which in turn helps them to be less aggressive towards others. They have a tendency to eat chocolate and eat in order to offset frustrations. They lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Nux vomica

Calms nervous tension and improves digestive disorders (flatulence, constipation…). Nux vomica is brought about by eating excessively.

Phosphoricum acidum

Is caused by an intense and sudden sadness, grief or exhaustion caused by an excess of intellectual exertion. The person usually sleeps during the day. Reduces swelling and alleviates anxiety.

Terrain Medications against cellulite

Natrum sulfuricum

Are heavily-built, fatty individuals with a predisposition to be overweight. Their tissues have been infiltrated by cellulite, mainly in the abdominal area, the buttocks and thighs.

They are sad and depressive, with a pale complexion and a bloated face. This homeopathic medication will ease the elimination of liquids and is specific to liver and biliary tract conditions.


The subject is overweight, rounded, ebullient and happy with life. He is always too hot. He is convivial, happy, polite, outgoing and sociable. He is usually hyperactive.

Calcarea Carbonica

The subject is usually short, wide, with a flaccid, large abdomen (tyres), slow at work, constant, sweats easily and dislikes heat.

This homeopathic medication reduces a bulky abdomen, decreases excess cholesterol and improves metabolic disorders. They are ebullient individuals with a tendency towards obesity and cellulite.

Thuja occidentalis

Against localized cellulite and also for women with certain hormonal imbalances. It has affinity to the lymphatic system. They are individuals with a “lollipop” body type, with truncal fat and very slim extremities. They have a propensity to develop cellulite.

The Thuja treatment is, in most cases, a background treatment for cellulite. It helps to reduce the size of the abdomen and helps to ease digestion.

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