How do we administer homeopathy and Schussler Salts to cats and dogs?

Overview: How natural remedies should be administered to cats and dogs. Examples.

1. Homeopathic Remedies

How are homeopathic medicines presented?

Homeopathic medicines are presented in classic forms (syrup, ointments, drops, tablets…) but the granule tube and unit-dose globule tube are two of the most popular forms.

A granule tube contains approximately 80 granules and the unit-dose globule tube contains approximately 1 gram of globules.

Granules and globules are pharmaceutical forms that are especially suitable for use in cats and dogs due to their easy administration, sweet taste and fast action.

Granule dosage

Dogs 3 granules in one go

Cats 2 granules in one go

The granules can be dissolved in 0.5 – 1ml of water (1ml for dogs and 0.5ml for cats) and given with the help of a syringe, or mixed into soft food (soft cheese, Frankfurt sausage…) For cats, you can mix them into wet food such as pate.

Frequency (unless another dosage is indicated)

Dilution 5C             3 Times a day

Dilution 9C             twice a day

Dilution 15C          once a day

Dilution 30C          once a day

Dilution 200C       one dose every 48 hours

Example: if we want to give our dog Arnica 9C, the dosage will be as follows:

3 granules twice a day (3 granules because it is a dog, and twice a day because that is the recommended frequency for 9C dilutions)

Globule dosage

To prepare the globules, you will need a 30ml glass vial with a dropper.

We will place all the globules from the unit-dose into the glass vial and we will fill it to the top with bottled water.

Once the globules are dissolved, the solution is ready.

The dosage and frequency are as follows:

Dogs 1ml to be taken once a day

Cats 0.5ml to be taken once a day

It is very important to shake the vial by hitting it against the palm of your hand 10 times before administering the dose to your pet.

The vial can be kept in the fridge so that it is not spoilt.

  • If several medications need to be taken on the same day, they can be taken at the same time.

2. Administration and dosage of Schussler Salts

Dogs 1 Tablet / 3 times a day

Cats ½ Tablet / 3 times a day

The best way to give them is to dissolve them in water and use a syringe – this will speed up the effect.

They can also be mixed with food.

3. Other Dosage

MT means Mother Tincture

MT are diluted as 10 drops in ½ litre of water.

Always seek advice from your doctor, therapist, pharmacist or health professional.

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