Respiratory allergy: Which homeopathic remedies can fight it?

Can you protect yourself from allergenic effects with homeopathy? Of course you can! You can immunise yourself with natural products. Homeopathy against plants and other allergens.

Wellbeing instead of discomfort is one of the main aims of homeopathy. It can be achieved with the most effective remedies.

Allium cepa

The common onion is a very useful remedy for respiratory allergies. The first symptoms to appear are itchy, teary eyes and sneezing fits followed by a very runny, watery nose that burns and worsens in a warm room or in hot weather. It improves outdoors.


Clear, abundant and corrosive tears with irritated, reddened ocular conjunctive membranes. The tears are so intense that the person can’t stop crying. These tears burn and cause the eyes and cheeks to become reddened.

The symptoms affecting the eye become worse outdoors, in hot weather and in sunlight. The nasal discharge is worse at night, upon lying down and in a draft.


Nasal discharge during the day and congestion at night – this is the same as Nux vomica, but people who need Pulsatilla are very different to those who need Nux vomica.

Pulsatilla individuals are kind, calm, docile, impressionable and emotional; they tend to seek attention, sympathy and affection from those around them. They have a tendency towards an itchy palate at night.

Nux vomica

These people are particularly irritable and sensitive to the cold. They have a runny nasal discharge during the day and congestion at night.

The symptoms tend to worsen in enclosed spaces and improve outdoors. They are aggravated by the cold.

They may have sneezing fits, especially in the morning upon waking. Sometimes the symptoms are brought about after feeling irritable, fatigued or aggrieved.

Arsenicum album

There is watery burning watery nasal discharge that is not abundant but stings the upper lip when the patient is exposed to the cold. The symptoms are relieved with warmth.


Violent, continuous and incomplete sneezing. Itching, especially on the soft palate and a tickly nose. This is exacerbated by the smell of flowers and the cold.

Arundo dornax

This remedy is indicated for hay fever or allergic rhinitis.  There is an itching in the nose and the ear canal.

Allergies and homeopathy: general advice

Remember that homeopathy is a personalised treatment. The above mentioned remedies are useful for treating acute symptoms of the allergy in homeopathy.

In order to offer a comprehensive treatment, we need to add a background treatment for each patient.

There are some homeopathic medicines that can be taken as a preventive measure if we start to take them in February all the way through until June, which is when the pollination occurs. These preparations work as a preventive immunisation and also as a treatment.

The dosage will vary depending on whether it is used as a prevention or treatment. We must remember that it’s far better to prevent it by preparing for it from February than it is to have to endure this distressing allergy.

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