Does homeopathy have a remedy for Human Papilloma Virus?

“Question from Carmen: I would like to know if it is true that homeopathy has a cure for the Human Papilloma Virus. Thanks for your help.”

Our answer: Hello Carmen! Yes, homeopathic treatment can help, but in the case of HPV, it needs to be taken alongside other medication.

Although studies have been done on medication against the papilloma virus, it seems as though there are no specific medicines for HPV.

Papiloma virus infections often go unnoticed, as they don’t cause symptoms.

The majority of those affected find that the virus disappears spontaneously without further repercussions throughout the two years following the infection.

According to allopathic medicine:

Once the initial two years following the infection have passed and if the virus has not yet vanished, it is necessary to have a check-up every six months. This infection cannot be treated.

If women are found to have precancerous lesions on the cervix following a smear test, these are usually treated via a surgical procedure. Resection is more or less widespread depending on the degree of the lesion.

According to studies conducted using medicinal fungi:

It has been observed that in certain cases, medicinal fungi – specifically coriolus versicolor and cordyceps sinesis in high concentrations – used in conjunction with folic acid, can help to keep the infection under control and, in some cases, even remove the papilloma virus completely.

We know that HPV infections cause a deficit of folic acid in the body; therefore it is important to take folic acid supplements.

It is also important to keep an eye on our intestinal flora, and take prebiotics and probiotics.

It is possible to purchase these products in tablet or powder form. A balanced intestinal flora builds our defences and encourages nutrient absorption for optimal body function.

It is vital to eat foods that are rich in folic acid, which is found in green leaves (these must be eaten raw or lightly cooked).

Some of the main sources of folic acid include: leafy green vegetables, liver, whole grains, citrus fruits, walnuts, pulses and brewer’s yeast.

You can also take folic acid in tablet form. The recommended dose is of 400 micrograms per day – ½ a 1mg tablet per day should provide you with this.

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