Homeopathy: 5 remedies for baby colic

Baby colic: 5 homeopathic remedies against it. Colic is a “spasmodic pain,” an abdominal ache that occurs in the first three or four months of a baby’s life. This pain is caused by the gases that accumulate in the intestines (flatulence) when the baby drinks too fast, or ingests air when it eats or drinks.

Another cause of colic could be that the baby, or child, has an intolerance to breast milk, dairy products, wheat flour and/or citrus fruits.

The digestive tract of the newborn needs about four months to adapt to food. Colic disappears when food starts to be digested normally.

Symptoms of colic

After eating, the baby cries and screams, flexes its legs, kicks, closes or tenses its fists, and its face is usually red.

Children who suffer from flatulence cry and lie curled up. In both cases the abdomen is hard and distended. The pain of colic is oscillating; it comes and goes at quite long intervals.

5 homeopathic remedies for colic

1. Chamomilla 12 D

The infant or child with a Chamomilla condition has excruciating pain, and doesn’t like to be touched.

The baby screams, has tantrums, is restless, and is constantly moving. Symptoms improve if they are picked up or rocked. Often they have one red and hot cheek, while the other is pale and cold.

2. Colocynthis 12 D

An infant with a Colocynth personality has very painful cramps and their symptoms improve when they bring their legs against the body.

Sometimes they writhe in pain on the floor or the bed. Symptoms improve with heat or exerting some pressure on the abdomen.

3. Lycopodium 12 D

A Lycopodium infant is very prone to flatulence, and because of this the abdomen is swollen. The pain is severe and occurs after meals or in the afternoon.

This infant or child frowns and cannot bear anything that will tighten on, or clings to, the waist. Symptoms improve by expelling the gas or stool and with localised heat. These children are satisfied quickly.

4. Magnesium phosphoricum 12 D

A child with a Magnesium Phosphoricum personality, when they have flatulence, flexes or folds their legs against the body.

The pain comes on suddenly. The child is tense, sensitive, and anxious. The symptoms improve by applying localised heat, massaging the abdomen or exerting some pressure with the hand.

5. Nux vomica 12 D

An infant with a Nux Vomica condition has very severe pain that makes the child bend over backwards, they are rigid and irritable.

The pain occurs after eating or feeding. The source of pain can be due to “overloading” the stomach. Symptoms improve with hot drinks or applying heat to the abdomen.

Possible dosage

The dosage is five granules of the chosen remedy every 30 minutes for two hours. Wait two hours more for it to take effect.

Then continue giving five granules every one or two hours. If a great improvement is seen, give five granules twice a day. These granules will dissolve in a little water.

Many homeopaths often combine Colocynth with Magnesium Phosphoricum.


  • Infusions of anise, fennel and chamomile help soothe and relax.
  • Apply a little heat on the abdomen or massage with warm oil. A suitable mixture of essential oils is: Roman Chamomile, Lavender, and Basil in a base of vegetable oil, for example, calendula (marigold).
  • The origin of colic is often emotional. The cause may be a tantrum. Channelling and releasing negative tension is very important. Sports, yoga, swimming or walking relieves the pain.
  • Ruling out a more serious intestinal problem should be attempted, such as constipation, appendicitis, and bacterial, parasitic or viral infections.
  • Avoid excess food.

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