Homeopathy: 5 Natural remedies for nappy rash

Homeopathy has a several remedies to help us to eliminate nappy rash. Nappy rash is an acute inflammation that appears in the buttocks and genitals.

The baby’s skin is very sensitive, especially on the bottom and anal region. Sweat, heat, diarrhoea, acidic urine, allergic reactions to food or soap residue can all cause infections in the baby’s skin.

When an infection has developed, redness appears in the anal, genital and groin areas. There is also irritation, peeling, itching and stinging.

If the rash reaches a further stage, there may be a discharge, blisters or even bleeding. A damp nappy encourages bacteria and fungus growth.

There also may be a secondary bacterial or fungal infection. Normally, a Candida albicans (thrush) infection appears in the area that is covered by the nappy.

5 Natural remedies for nappy rash

Chamomilla 12D

The baby who is affected by Chamomilla during teething usually has a type of diarrhoea that irritates the bottom.

Sometimes they will have one cheek that is red and hot and one that is pale and cool. They may have a temperature and cry and scream frequently.

They may also be restless and will not calm down, even if they are being held.

Sulfur 12 D

The baby who is affected by Sulfur is agitated, irritable and won’t keep still. They may have diarrhoea that smells very unpleasant and causes irritation.

The baby screams each time he has a bowel movement. The affected area is raw and red.

Rhus toxicodendron 12DH

The baby who is affected by Rhus has small blisters in the infected area that sting and ooze. The child is distressed and restless.


5 granules of the chosen homeopathic remedy should be taken 3 times a day for 3 consecutive days. After 3 days there should be an improvement.

The treatment will end once the symptoms have disappeared. The granules are dissolved in water and administered with a syringe.

To complete the treatment, the following will be topically applied:


If there is no discharge, we will apply the calendula ointment or a mask. To prepare the mask, we will add 20 drops of calendula mother tincture to 200ml of water.

Soak a gauze in the liquid an apply it to the affected area for a few minutes. Then dry the skin thoroughly.

If there is a discharge, after cleansing the area with un-fragranced baby oil, sprinkle some calendula powder onto the area.

A blend of essential oils

We can prepare the following blend of essential oils: 3 drops of lavender essential oil, 3 drops of rosewood essential oil and one drop of Egyptian rose geranium oil.

Apply 5 drops of the essential oil blend to the calendula ointment, mix it together and apply it to the baby’s bottom 3 times a day.

Honatur tip: Add 5 drops of the essential oil blend to the calendula ointment. Mix it together and apply it to the baby’s bottom three times a day.

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