Homeopathy for fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are external parasites that affect our pets. As the weather improves, fleas and ticks make an unwelcome appearance. Prevention is always the best thing we can do for our pet.

There is a wide range of anti-parasite products available; therefore, it should be easy to find one that is suitable for our cat or dog.

These precautionary measures are crucial, as external parasites can spread disease.

The dangers of ticks and fleas

Our pet can have an allergic reaction to fleas. When it extracts the blood from our pet, the flea releases a trace of anticoagulant back into the animal’s bloodstream through its saliva, which can provoke a hypersensitive reaction.

Ticks also feed on blood, using a similar approach. However, ticks pose an even greater danger to our pets, as their saliva can contain a parasite that can contaminate the animal.

This parasite enters some blood cells which it destroys via its reproductive process. This can trigger an illness that can become severe, even fatal.

How can homeopathy help us?

Despite taking preventive measures, infestations are sometimes inevitable; luckily, homeopathy can be of assistance to us.

Ledum palustre: is used on mosquito or flea bites that have become inflamed and painful, and are relieved with cold compresses.

This remedy removes the itch and reduces the allergic reaction to the bite and decreases the size of the inflammation. It can be used as a cure or prevention.

Dosage: 5C to 15C

Apis: is the quintessential remedy for bites. It would be used when a pinkish swelling appears suddenly causing a stinging, itchy, burning sensation that is relieved with cold pressure.

Dosage: 30C.

Poumon histamine: reduces allergic symptoms, especially itching. It is not effective for all animals.

Dosage 9C 200K/twice a day

Pulex irritans: recommended for those who exhibit an allergic reaction to flea bites. The remedy is extracted from the flea’s saliva. We could say that it works in a way that is similar to a vaccine.

Dosage: 30C

Animals that have contracted Ehrlichiosis (the illness that is carried by ticks)

China: an excellent remedy for anaemia with simultaneous weakness.

Dosage: 9C / twice a day until the anaemia disappears

Sulphur: feverishness accompanied by stagnation and pain

Dosage: 30C / 1 dose only (to be repeated when the effect has worn off if it has been effective)

Bryonia alba: concomitant joint pain

Dosage: 200C / every day or on alternate days.

Foto: Dieter Schütz  / pixelio.de

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