Homeopathy: Treating excessive perspiration

Excessive perspiration produced by the body is known as hyperhidrosis. This occurs generally in the underarms, hands and feet. Homeopathic medicines that are used for the treatment of excessive perspiration are effective and do reduce the production of sweat, provided that the body accepts them.

This surplus of sweat can be caused by fever, nervousness, anxiety or extreme emotions. Perspiration can become chronic and can be treated with base medication or medication specific to the symptoms (the excess of sweat).

Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of hyperhidrosis

Ambra grisea 9C:

Perspiration that occurs due to shyness at being in public.

Argentum nitricum 9C:

Is useful in avoiding hyperhidrosis when the patent is anxious about a forthcoming situation such as public speaking, air travel, meetings or parties. They tend to be individuals who are of an anxious nature and always in a hurry.

Calcarea carbonica 9C:

The sweat usually affects the neck and scalp areas. The Calcarea carbonica individual perspires in the facial area during sleep. In infants, the perspiration smells acidic. This remedy is used in patients whose hyperhidrosis is caused by obesity.

Natrum muriaticum 9C:

The excess appears after eating.

Veratrum album 9C:

The excess occurs at the same time as menstruation.  They are cold sweats.

Pilocarpus jaborandi 9C:

The excess appears in menopause or when there isn’t a specific cause. It is intensive and takes place mostly at night.

Cyclamen 9C:

Perspiration happens due to an extreme emotion.

Sepia 9C:

Hot, sweaty flushes in menopause. The cause is usually emotionally related. The perspiration occurs in the underarm area and smells unpleasant.

Silicea 9C:

Excessive perspiration in the feet and head. The sweat has a disagreeable smell.

Sulfur 9C:

Sulfur sweats are foul-smelling. They are very uncomfortable and appear in the underarm and genital areas.

Thuja 9C:

Perspiration occurs all over the body and smells unpleasant.

Antihidrosin R-32:

Homeopathic product that comprises of several homeopathic remedies. This remedy treats excessive perspiration caused by various etiologies. Antihidrosin are homeopathic drops that are available in chemists.


The recommended dose is 5 granules to be taken twice a day. The homeopathic treatment is supplemented with oligotherapy, manganese and cobalt. With Antihidrosin R-32, the recommended dose is 5-10 drops to be taken 3 times a day.

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