Homeopathy and Asthma

Homeopathy is very effective in the treatment of asthma. An appropriate homeopathic treatment for asthma needs to consider which of the symptoms is most relevant in each particular patient.

The homeopath must prescribe a base treatment. A base treatment in an asthmatic patient can slowly space out the attacks until the symptoms eventually disappear.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate remedy, we need to take into account the dominant symptom – whether it is mucus secretion, spasm or oedema.

It is equally important to find out when the attack starts and the patient’s reaction to the attack, e.g. irritability, anxiety, restlessness or dejection.

The asthma can be brought about by an allergen such as pollen, dust, dust mites etc. or at times of hormonal disruption such as the menopause, pregnancy or puberty. Asthma can surface after a stressful event or a strong emotion such as jealousy, fear or upset.

Homeopathic remedies for asthma

If secretions are the dominant symptom:

Ipeca 5C or 9C

Blatta orientalis 5C

Blatta orientalis is recommended when the patient produces a large amount of bronchial secretion. The asthma attack is linked to an allergen, house dust.

Kalium carbonicum 9C or 15C

Kalium carbonicum is prescribed when the expectoration is made of small round grey lumps that have the appearance of tapioca. The asthma attack appears between the hours of 2am and 4am.

The remedy could be taken at 5pm or 6pm. The asthma patient feels better when he is sitting down with his thorax tilting forward and his elbows resting on his knees.

If spasms and oedema are the dominating symptoms:

Arsenicum album 9C

Arsenicum album is prescribed when the patient feels pressure in his chest and has an accompanying cough. The respiratory obstruction causes the patient to become agitated and anxious.

There is a large amount of whitish mucus. The asthma attack appears between the hours of 1am and 3am. The asthma can appear after a case of eczema that appears to have been treated. The remedy should be taken at 5pm or 6pm.

Antimodium tartaricum 5 or 15C

Antimonium tartaricum is prescribed when the patient has a suffocating cough with difficult expectoration.

The individual feels worse upon lying down and at night. Expectoration is easier when pressure is applied to the chest. During the attack and if expectoration is difficult, we will take a dilution of 5C.

Cuprum metallicum 5 or 9C

Cuprum metallicum is prescribed when the attack appears at night or when the patient inhales cold air.

Drosera rotundifolia 9, 15 or 30C

Drosera is prescribed when a respiratory obstruction is accompanied by a dry, “barking” cough. The cough appears after speaking, laughing or singing. The patient feels worse when overheated in bed and at night.

Puomon histamine 15C

Poumon histamine is an antihistamine. This medicine has a high tropism for the respiratory tract. It is indicated for the treatment of asthma and allergic rhinitis. We will take 5 granules morning and night.

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