Homeopathy for anorexia and bulimia

Homeopathy is a good alternative for treating anorexia and bulimia. Treatment is complex, that is why it must be controlled by a doctor.

Below, Lucy Elvira Del Torre of Guadalajara, Mexico, details some of the homeopathic remedies that can be taken while waiting to see the specialist.

Homeopathic remedies to treat anorexia and bulimia

* Anacardium orientale: This remedy is useful in the treatment of anorexia and bulimia, especially if it is due to a great depression, memory loss, fixed ideas, anxiety as if being followed, an intense hunger (which compels them to eat), and the distrust that they have internally.

Its symptoms are aggravated by not eating, so it makes them eat until very full, the volitional and mental duality that expresses itself in the sense of having two opposite personalities, also contributes to the development these problems.

* ARGENTUM METALLICUM: It symbolises the moon in relation to the mother, it is often recommended in bulimia. These individuals try to keep busy which leads to melancholy, an unrest that obliges them to walk or briskly walk, they are anticipating, and anxious.

They have a desire for sweet things, to take laxatives or vomit, they exercise too much, and leaving any relationship that they start. They have intense fears (phobias), obsessive behaviours, uncontrollable crying, fixed ideas, and superstitious attitudes.

Regular and severe weakness, loud belching and diarrhoea after eating, violent palpitations with the feeling of the heart leaving the chest, and anorexia because of fear.

* Arsenicum album: They have distress, agitation, they cannot stay in one place, great anxiety, they present weakness to move, melancholy, sadness, complete apathy, they have impaired memory and intelligence.

They do not tolerate the sight or smell of food, have a great thirst for cold water, the feeling of a stone in the stomach, gastric disorders, they care a lot about their appearance and health but over time develop very self-destructive attitudes.

They avoid going to the doctor because they do not feel understood, they have compulsive disorders with depression to the point of suicide, it is the most important and classic remedies for anorexia nervosa, especially when there is a great bitterness and dissatisfaction associated with a vital insecurity.

* CALCAREA CARBONICA: Medicines that help in anorexia and bulimia, with weak-willed people, with no energy, they are melancholy, sad, and cry irresistibly. They are pale-faced, bloated, have a weak appetite, a desire for indigestible things, slow digestion with belching and acidic vomiting, amenorrhea, and palpitations from the least exertion.

They have a tendency to obesity, so when they lose weight it shows all their insecurity and they tend towards a pathological fear that they will recover their previous weight.

* CHAMOMILLA: They are irritable, evil, capricious, sullen, resentful, anxious, agitated, and have a lack of body heat.

Their face sweats after eating or drinking, they have foul breath, and anorexia with a loathing and disgust for food. Nausea, acid belching, vomiting food, feeling of fullness, threats of miscarriage, yellowish, corrosive and acidic vaginal discharge, always after food.

* CHINA: They are apathetic, have an aversion for movement, they are slow, weak, fearful, anxious with attempts at suicide, and restless with cries and groans.

Their face is earthy, pale, they have dry lips, they are ravenous, have an aversion to butter, beer, and coffee; belching without relief and so the nausea comes accompanied by flatulence, and ends with vomiting of undigested food, and a feeling of fullness.

It helps in anorexia, they are fragile, fanciful, dreamy, highly sensitive and irritable women, from being girls they forget to eat, due to being in contemplation of what they are doing.

* HYDRASTIS: It helps anorexia in the elderly due to their deep depression, and lack of memory. They are irritable, cachectic, have pale or yellowed skin, a fatigued or depressed appearance, and an absence of thirst. They cannot tolerate bread, legumes, they have atonic dyspepsia with a loss of appetite, and profuse weakness.

* Hyoscyamus: They have a weak and nervous fatigue, they are gloomy, suspicious, have a fear of being alone, their face is pale, emaciated, they have nausea with dizziness, vomiting with convulsions, and belching. They have violent cramps in the stomach due to vomiting, it is recommended for anorexia in young people with infant behaviour, they like attention, are vulgar, grotesque and obscene, they can be depressed by an emotional breakdown.

* IGNATIA AMARA: It is recommended in anorexia and bulimia, they have emotional disorders, hardships, unrequited love, they are impulsive, rapt, drastic, extremist, and have stormy relationships, so the heart can harden them over time. They care a lot about what others think, all about fashion, so they live in the present moment, and everything is easy and permitted.

* Iodum METALLICUM: They have irritable anxiety, violent impulses that will only be soothed by eating, this causes vomiting and diarrhoea because of using laxatives so this drug helps us in bulimia. It is worsened by lack of physical and mental activity.

* LACHESIS TRIGONOCHEPHALUS: They are extremely thin, manipulative, jealous, and suspicious women, everything becomes greatly difficult. They are young, passionate, intense and sexually overflowing, everything they do is with all their being, everything is due to competing or due to ambition.

And they get to know the weakness of others; they know this information and how to take advantage for their own benefit, they can be very destructive, visceral, tend to have addictions, and a fear of gaining weight. Which is why it is recommended in anorexics.

* Lycopodium clavatum: It is used in anorexia, even if they have symptoms of bulimia, it is a very insecure remedy, they feel inadequate, so what is in fashion they will buy and wear to appear secure. They are also shy people, they feel inferior, introverted, docile, and have a fear of being rejected and helpless.

When they have anorexia or bulimia they will be in constant depression, crying and sobbing, they have anxiety, and feelings of worthlessness. If they have guilty feelings they erase them with constant vomiting or purging, they may withdraw, prefer to be alone, evasive, if they are controllers of themselves they will be indulgent. They binge compulsively.

* Medorrhinum: They are premature, intense, invasive, passionate, daring, they cannot achieve maturation, they are very intellectual, aesthetic, refined. They are responsible and judicious, and the most unstable adventurers. They have eating disorders, such as gastritis, ulcers, heartburn.

They want everything that comes into their mind, the unattainable, or prohibited. This medication is prescribed in bulimics and anorexics.

* Mercurius solubilis: It is medication that is destructive by nature, aggressive, they are unable to adapt socially, they feel that they are not taken into account, they are suspicious, impulsive, extremist, and they have changes in eating habits, they are compulsive.

It is recommended in the most extreme stages of anorexia and bulimia due to not eating, their thinness is extreme, so they don’t notice they are already destroying themselves and everything around them.

* NATRUM MURIATICUM: It helps both anorexia and bulimia, due to their depressive disorders, or unrequited love, they are repressed, unhappy, a feeling that they are elsewhere, have a handicap, suffering and have chronic pains. Everything is done by appearance, to look good in front of others.

They have self-destructive behaviour, wearing protective masks against responsibility, they are perfectionists, rigid in their lifestyle, closely related to maternal conflicts, nutrition, and care, etc.

* Nux Vomica: They are irritable, angry, impatient, sensitive, sad, have memory disorders, decreased appetite, and an aversion to bread.

Everything is in excess, nauseas in the morning after eating, acidic vomiting, sour or acidic belching, pain and feeling of a ball in the stomach, they become thin, delicate, pale or ashen colour. This medicine helps in bulimia and anorexia.

* Phosphorus: When they are balanced Phosphorus individuals are very friendly, sympathetic, warm, and take the best from life, so they have a great sensitivity, anxiety and vulnerability.

Their symptoms are: agitation, anxiety, sad indifference, regurgitation, vomiting from being very young girls, loss of appetite, fear or anxiety causes them nausea, they have no limits so their symptoms worsen, above all they justify everything and avoid their responsibilities. Is used in both anorexia and bulimia.

* PLATINA: It is a medication for arrogant megalomaniacs, they have sexual excesses, a variable haughty character, they are very concerned with their image, they resort to extreme dieting, cosmetic surgery, they have nutritional disorders, addictions, they are destructive, see themselves as misshapen, they are ravenous but with vomiting after eating, making them feel weak and trembling, so it is recommended in bulimia.

* PULSATILLA NIGRICANS: An ancient medication but which remains in force. These individuals have a sweet, submissive character, shyness, a shy look, sadness, and deep anxiety.

They alternate ravenous hunger with anorexia, aversion to certain foods especially bread, butter, fat, pork, ice cream, cakes, etc., they have a faint feeling in the stomach and thus have nausea, vomiting, and amenorrhea.

* SEPIA: The main remedy for the anorexic personality. They reject milk from birth. They do not eat to prove their staying power. They refuse to eat to feel superior to others.

They do not eat to get rid of the submission to natural law. They conceal a tendency to suicide by starvation. They lose weight due to obsession with imaginary cellulite. They are hyperactive physically and intellectually.

There is a loss of menstruation (amenorrhea). The illness is constant, no volatilities. They are always sad, depressed, apathetic and indifferent, they seek solitude in a corner. They are angry with everyone and themselves.

* SILICEA TERRA: These people are skinny, emaciated, and weak, they have a pale face, they are shy, fearful, anxious, irritable, melancholic, have fixed ideas, they are lazy, and have an aversion to work. They have a loss of appetite, an aversion to meat and hot foods that makes them vomit, nausea and sour belching, and the feeling of a ball in the stomach. It is recommended for anorexia.

* STAPHISAGRIA: This individual looks tired, apathetic, and indifferent, has fears, sadness, is grumpy, and has instability of ideas. They have bulimia and anorexia with ravenous hunger, sour and salty belching, nausea with desire to vomit, feeling as if the stomach were dropping and has a stone.

They repress all emotions, lack character, feel guilty and self destructive and have very low self esteem, all due to abuses and humiliations that might have been suffered during childhood.

* SULPHUR: These people are skinny, hunch-backed, nervous, impressionable, irritable, touchy, violent, unsociable, selfish, speculative, and dejected; they have mental weakness, and loss of memory.

They are sickly, have bulimia or anorexia, poor appetite, aversion to meat, vomiting especially in the morning, burning sensation, acidity, and pressure as if from a weight in the stomach. This leads to anorexia.

* TARENTULA: It is recommended in bulimia, they are people with energy, exaggerated vitality, they are always in a hurry, eat a lot and sleep little, which leads to vomiting, bulimics can become violent, reactive, and impulsive. For them anything is all right, and they destroy those who try to get close.

* THUYA: There is a complete absence of appetite, they cannot digest onions, fresh meat and potatoes, they have rancid belching, nausea, and vomiting.

They are depressed, anxious, have deep dejection, fixed ideas, which is why they are bulimic, they feel ugly, unattractive, they don’t let others help and do not like you to get to know them.

* VERATRUM ALBUM: Shy, timid, anxious, they alternate joy with depression, have erotic delusions, delusions of grandeur, a voracious appetite, states of fanciful madness, and they are liars.

They crave acids and fruits, have an aversion to hot food, which leads to projectile vomiting, nausea, equally they vomit cold water. They look as if they have loose flesh, pale, dry and chapped lips, with a loss of vital heat; this medication helps in anorexia and bulimia.

* VIOLA ODORATA: They have great insight, an excessive flow of ideas, a weak memory, they are disobedient, soft and have a nervous temperament, they refuse food, are thin, tall, and impressionable people, with vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, this medication is used in anorexia and bulimia.

Article: LUZ ELENA ELVIRA DE LA TORRE. Foto: Public Domain

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