Homeopathic treatment for herpes

Homeopathy for herpes treatment is highly effective in treating symptoms and decreasing the relapses. Herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus.

It is characterised by an itchy swelling, burning blisters on the mouth or nose (type I virus) or genitals (type II virus) and finally scabs. If a cold sore appears in the eye, you should seek prompt medical attention.

Some individuals, after an initial infection, become immune to the herpes simplex virus. Others are prone to relapses occurring after sun exposure, menstruation, stress, fever, setbacks or strong emotions.

Homeopathic treatment

Treatment combines two types of medication: one that treats the symptoms and the other that treats the condition in depth.

First, doses of Sulfur will be given in increments of 9 C, 15 C and 30 C, combined with doses of Staphylococcus in increments of 9 C, 15 C and 30 C.

Symptomatic drugs

Rhus toxicodendron

This is prescribed when small blisters that contain a clear liquid appear accompanied by burning and itching. It is prescribed at a 15 C dilution and should be taken when the first burning symptoms appear.

Cantharis vesicatoria

This is prescribed when a single blister with clear fluid appears. It is usually alternated with Rhus toxicodendron.


This is prescribed if the blister becomes opaque, if there is violent pain that worsens with touching, bathing or at night, or if there is a burning sensation. Mezereum 15 C is prescribed.

Natrum muriaticum

This is prescribed in case of relapse, labial or genital herpes appearing in very short intervals. The patient has oily/greasy skin, is undernourished, dehydrated and frail. Natrum muriaticum 9 C or 15 C weekly is prescribed.

In-depth medicine

These are drugs that act on the emotional sphere. Cold sores often appear after a phase of anger against oneself, sometimes due to a self-oriented perfectionism and unmet expectations. The most frequent drugs are:


This is given when herpes appears after setbacks. The Staphysagria individual feels dissatisfaction with him/herself and has bottled-up anger. The herpes is recurrent and affects the genitals, in the vulva area in females. Prescribed at 9 C or 15 C, five pills daily.

Ignatia amara

It feels like there is a lump in the throat or in the stomach. Herpes appears after a setback. Ignatia amara types are very emotional people. Prescribed at 9 C or 15 C, five pills daily.

To be kept in the medicine cabinet; as soon as the rash appears take a dose of Arsenicum album 30 C. Then, take five pills of each of the following medications three times a day: Mezereum 9 C, Ranunculus bulbosus 9 C and Rhus toxicodendron 9 C.

Topical treatment

For genital herpes, mix equal parts of peppermint, mandravasarotra (saro) and roman chamomile essential oils with a base of hypericum oil. Recommended in pregnancy and for young children.

For cold sores, mix equal parts of peppermint, mandravasarotra (saro) and lavender essential oil with a base of apricot kernel oil. Recommended during pregnancy but not for children under 3.

There are several commercialized products available for topical application.

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