Which homeopathic remedies can help with allergic rhinitis?

Question from Carla: “I have been suffering with allergic rhinitis almost all my life. As a child, the symptoms and attacks were more frequent than they are now. I’m now 27 years old, but I have had an ongoing episode for the past 4 months.

I have sought advice from several doctors, who have prescribed anti-allergy medication to me. When I take this, I feel better but as soon as I stop taking it, the symptoms reappear.  

The thing that bothers me most is when my nose is blocked, which is particularly annoying at night, I can’t breathe properly and am unable to sleep. I am allergic to many things: food, antibiotics, insect bites, dust etc… I would like to try homeopathy – what would you recommend to boost my immune system??? I would be most grateful…”

Our answer

Homeopathy can help to improve and reduce the number of allergic attacks you suffer from. By taking the appropriate homeopathic medicines, you will notice an improvement in the bothersome allergic rhinitis symptoms such as the persistent nasal congestion you experience.

The best way to get rid of an allergy is by avoiding contact with the allergens or toxins that trigger the allergy, but this is not always an easy task.

The first thing we can recommend is to undergo an allergy test (if you have not done so already), to determine which foods you are allergic to and avoid eating them.

You need to also pay close attention to the advice that you receive regarding contact with potential allergens.

The first piece of advice

It is advisable to find a good homeopath for your treatment. You will undoubtedly see a clear reduction in the allergic attacks you suffer from if you are given a suitable background treatment along with a personalised diet.

In order to do this, your homeopath will need to know a number of things about you: what you are like, when you first noticed your allergy, what you think may be the cause…

The second piece of advice

Here are a few natural remedies that will help to alleviate your symptoms:

  1. Carry out a general detox (read our article about drainage), or at least a liver cleanse. For a liver cleanse, you need to take Berberis vulgaris 6D in granules. You should take 5 granules in the morning and 5 granules at night, or you can take Berberis homaccord from Heel Laboratories in drops – 30 drops should be taken each day, diluted in some water. The homeopathic medicines can help the liver to metabolise and eliminate toxins, one of which is histamine. Histamine is present in high concentrations and is formed in the body when the allergic reaction takes place.
  2. Take a weekly dose of Anas barbarie 200k – this will help to improve your immune system.
  3. For the remaining symptoms of allergic rhinitis, you can buy a number of products that can help towards preventing or treating them. For example, the Praxis laboratory makes “Alerprax”, which covers a large amount of allergens. Reckeweg laboratory makes “R-83” for food allergy and “R-84” for allergic rhinitis. There is also “Alergolan drops” from DHU. All these homeopathic medicines work well.
  4. Lastly, you could take 3 granules of Poumo histaminum 15C three times a day as a last resort – you can take this on demand as often as needed when your allergy is severe, spacing it out as the condition improves. You can also take 3 granules three times a day during peak allergy season – it is the homeopathic antihistamine. You should also wash your nasal cavities with a saline nasal solution several times a day.

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