Hepar Sulphur: improves suppurations

In homeopathy, people with a Hepar Sulphur (Hepar sulfuris calcareum) personality are always tense. Their intolerance makes them angry, rude, cruel, hypersensitive and always on the offensive. A Hepar Sulphur remedy is obtained from the mixture of equal parts of pure flower of sulphur and oyster lime (from the interior of oyster shells).

They are individuals who do everything fast, eating, talking or drinking. They always complain, and have no self-control.

Their personality worsens with the cold and if they are in air currents. They have great sensitivity to pain.

They can have murderous impulses and a desire to throw things into a fire, they are known as the arsonist of this medical field.

They are destructive people, full of weaknesses that lead to suicidal thoughts.

Hepar Sulphur individuals have a tendency towards recurrent infections, and prolonged purulent discharges or excretions with an unpleasant odour, like “old cheese”. With the Hepar Sulphur condition everything discharges and is painful.

They have craving for acidic foods, and vinegar. They perspire at the slightest effort with a bad smelling, sour sweat.

Main indications

The main indication is any condition where there is discharge: boils, abscesses, rhinitis, sinusitis, ear infections, dental abscesses, purulent conjunctivitis, styes .

In any of the above cases, it is characterised by a discharge and the unpleasant odour of pus.

Never use a low dilution of Hepar sulfuris calcareum in a discharge process when the cavity is already closed, or there is spontaneous and insufficient drainage.

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